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April 12, 2005
Dear friend run down

This letter has taken me quite some time to write because I haven’t known quite what to say to the woman who hit my little Rowdy. I was visiting my daughter’s house at 621 West 200 South on a Saturday evening. While there, my 5-year-old granddaughter was holding the leash of my loving companion and little Shitsu named Rowdy. I purchased Rowdy after the loss of my husband and bonded so close to him for the short one-and-a-half years he was in my life. Like my friends, family and neighbors know, this little companion became my life. He kept me company in my most lonesome times. He was like a child to me and filled my long days by being there to play with and talk to.

While visiting at my daughter’s house and like many other times, Rowdy would play with the cats.

The cats ran across the road and Rowdy took pursuit. I am so glad that my granddaughter could not hold onto Rowdy’s leash because she would have been a victim of this tragedy too. The woman was driving close to the curb and had to be driving 30-40 mph in a residential area. The poor dog was hit so hard that he flew into the air. My granddaughter was too close and had to watch as things happened.

I had turned my head and couldn’t watch. My daughter’s yell luckily stopped my granddaughter in time.

I know things like this happen to a lot of people, but what happened afterward was very shocking and equally disturbing. A lot of people have encouraged me to tell this story because of the inconsideration of the parties involved.

I was totally devastated and having a hard time breathing over the loss of my little loved companion.

My granddaughter and I were consoling each other and my daughter ran down the road to find a neighbor, who happens to be a local veterinarian. My son who lives next door was surprised when the driver didn’t stop, so he jumped in his vehicle and drove through the church parking lot to catch up with her. He was able to get the woman stopped and approached her vehicle asking if she knew what she had done. The woman replied that she didn’t. (To hit something as hard as she had, I don’t know how she didn’t know about it!) When my son told her about running over the dog and mentioned that it could have been a child, the woman’s reply was so astonishing that I just had to share it with the public. Her reply to my son over this accident was, “So mister, get in your car and get out of my way!”

My son returned home so upset that he called the police to report the hit and run. An officer later showed up at his home but was no more concerned than was the driver herself. The officer was more concerned that my son caught up with the driver to let he know what had happened. When my son questioned whether a police car could sit in the church parking lot a few times and monitor the speeding that goes on down his street, the officer said the police force was too short-staffed to monitor for speeders and only had four officers on duty for the weekends.

Most cars consider this stretch of road a speedway, maybe because the homes are spaced a little farther apart and are located across from the LDS church parking lot. Maybe this doesn’t seem to be a heavily populated street, but there are still children in this area and speed limits should be considered.

I just thought the public should know to watch out for their small children and their pets. It doesn’t seem that other people living in our newly populated city care too much about speeding.

I have saved the good for last! I want to publicly say “Thank You” to Sydney McKinney who lives on the same road on which Rowdy was hit. Sydney was so kind to stop and help me out when I was too upset to do anything.

She parked her vehicle blocking Rowdy from other vehicles traveling up the road. She then used a blanket that I had and covered and picked up my little friend. This was a very kind act in a bad time of need and it has meant a lot to me that you were so nice and sweet to help me out. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Etta Mae Harris

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