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September 15, 2020
Death of the American Flag

Let us sorrow together. The American flag has not flown on the Stansbury Park Clubhouse pole since June 19, the “Black Lives Matter” celebration commemorating the 1863 emancipation. This Black Lives Matter event has been largely unobserved until this year’s killing of George Floyd. 

The Black Lives Matter movement has gained momentum under its own half blue and red flag with a bursting star in the middle. Now joined by Antifa and other participants, its members have been filmed/recorded desecrating, even burning, American flags.

Who paid for Stansbury’s profuse 6/19 Black Lives Matter decorating at the Clubhouse remained unknown until the Black Lives Matter movement extended to Tooele City, as organized by the Democrat Party, see Transcript Bulletin of 6/23/20). 

Thanks to those members of Tooele County’s law enforcement, firemen and veterans whose presence prevented any violence/destruction/desecration during this staged event that culminated in political speech and posturing.  

The American flag here in Stansbury Park and elsewhere appears to have been hijacked by Black Lives Matter events that have drawn attention away from national observances for Hispanics; American Indians; Italian-Americans, Greeks, Irish; gays; military veterans, their wounded and families; 9/11 victims; police and other law enforcers, etc.  Also, there have been five major national and Utah holidays since “Juneteenth.” Most notable: Fourth of July and subsequent military observances to honor our safety, freedom, and prosperity.  

The most recent patriotic exclusion has been Labor Day, an All-American celebration.  Our beloved American flag should be a reminder that we inhabit the greatest country ever established on earth. It also reminds us of our responsibility to defend our values in respectful ways. 

Caution: respect at a cost to others is disrespect. 

How many wars, disasters, and pandemics must we suffer to appreciate and protect our country, people, and shared heritage?  Black Lives Matter’s message is duly noted and addressed in our laws and minds. We share a responsibility to change where needed. But for now, Stansbury Park Trustees: Bring back the American Flag  to its place of honor!  

Long may it wave o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave. 

Carolyn Palmer

Stansbury Park

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