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October 24, 2017
Deepen the divide

As a Disabled Veteran and current Veterans Administration employee, I was very excited to see the new Transcript Bulletin column entitled, “Veterans Post.” However, after a few months of review, I am disheartened with the one-sided reporting contained in this column. Freddy Groves takes a very critical view of the VA and attempts to deepen the divide between the VA and veterans. Please consider changing this column to provide more fair and consistent reporting to veterans.

I started working for the VA in 2010 as a Rating Veterans Service Representative (RVSR) and quickly came to realize that this was not the VA I had always heard about. There are specific laws that give the veteran the benefit of the doubt and policies are constantly being updated in order to provide fair treatment to all veterans. VA management frequently reminds employees that our jobs exist to serve veterans and their dependents. My VA coworkers are the most talented and passionate employees in all of the federal government. We really care about veterans and work tirelessly on their behalf to secure the benefits they have rightfully earned through service to our country.

What we need right now is a column that unifies the VA and veterans. There are plenty of good news stories coming from the VA every day, but these are not sensational and do not stir up the drama required to be printed. Veterans need to know that the VA is their organization, and we love them, and we are taking action every day to improve their lives.

I would like to see the paper at least rotate the material that appears in the Veterans Post column.

Jason Foard Houpt


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