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April 8, 2014
Delegates’ work is to pick the best candidates

Now that candidate filing is closed and the parties have chosen their delegates, it’s time to get ready for the county conventions.

You can find, on the county clerk’s website at, under 2014 Candidate Filings: 1. A list of candidates. 2. Candidate contact information. 3. A copy of all of the filing forms, including the financial disclosures for state candidates, and the Pledge to Campaign Fairly for those who signed it. County financial forms won’t be submitted until after the Primary Election in June.

Congratulations to those who were voted in as delegates in their precincts. Your peers have shown great confidence in you. It’s now your duty to gather information on each of the candidates so you can choose the best one for the job.

In an effort to make meeting the candidates easier, some of the parties are holding cottage meetings before the party conventions. There have even been some individuals who have held them in their homes.  Perhaps it’s a result of so many candidates and such a short time. Whatever the reason, more people are getting involved and that can’t be bad.

Hopefully there will still be time for the delegates to meet with the candidates one on one, if they so choose. Delegates, your service is greatly appreciated.

The Republican Party County Convention will be held Friday, April 18 at the Tooele Applied Technology College at 88 S. Tooele Boulevard.

The Republican State Convention will be held Saturday, April 26 at the South Town Center. Go to for more information.

The Democratic Party County Convention was held last Thursday at TATC, with the State Convention being held April 26 in Salt Lake City. Go to for more information. For information on the Constitution Party convention, please contact Kirk Pearson at

Election workers: With the Primary Election just around the corner, we will begin to contact and train our election workers next month. Those who have worked for us in the past, we are already planning on you. If you would be interested in serving as an election worker, and have never served before, please email me at

Elections this year will be held June 24 (primary election) and Nov. 4 (general election). Our election workers are the best. We could not hold an election without them.


Marilyn K. Gillette is the Tooele County Clerk

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