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August 30, 2019
Despite a fall, a dear friend reveals the power of inner determination

I could hear and feel the linoleum tile floor squeak underneath my crocs up to the moment the sound became insignificant. It wasn’t that the sound dissipated. My attention was highjacked by a miraculous sight.

Carol Grimm was walking up the hallway just ahead of me. That alone was enough to get my attention. Just a few weeks ago, a doctor told Carol that she would likely not be able to walk again.

What else caught my attention?: the look on her face. It was of single-minded determination.

When I came up to meet her face-to-face, she yielded her focus just enough to greet me by name. Her eyes were bright and her smile radiant.

“Never tell a woman she can’t do something!” she said with a lot of jalapeno in her voice.

Carol had fallen in her home recently. For many people her age, such a fall can be a death sentence. It would have been easy for Carol to simply listen to the medical naysayers, become discouraged, and give up. After all, she had faced extraordinary health challenges over the past few years. Trials enough that she and her husband Jim moved to Utah so they could be close to caring members of their immediate family.

Now, she was walking, with help from those wings of love, toward a physical therapy room. Carol kindly invited me to come along. We talked and walked the whole last leg toward the beginning point of her exercise station. When we arrived, she asked me to stay and sit for a while.

I sat. She worked. I marveled. She progressed. We conversed.

I could hear her voice in my head as I left and began to walk down the hall. I could hear and feel the linoleum tile floor squeak underneath my crocs again until the sound disappeared. But the sound of Carol’s voice hasn’t dissipated, nor the miraculous sight of seeing her walk again with inspiring determination!

Lynn Butterfield lives in Erda and is a managing broker for a real estate company.

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