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April 29, 2014
Disappointed to see

I was disappointed to see the addition of the LDS insert and the Deseret News National Edition in the Tooele Transcript-Bulletin. Relative to the latter, if I wanted the Deseret News, I would have it delivered to my home. Concerning the former, I would like to know who pays for the LDS insert? I assume the LDS Church does, but I would like to know for sure. 

In addition, I would like to know if other religious organizations are allowed to have inserts in the Tooele-Transcript. I’m not against the LDS Church, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to have a weekly edition in a “free press” local paper.

Lastly, you implied in your Thursday, April 17, 2014 article on the subject, that the Deseret News insert was not intended to espouse LDS philosophy. However, when I read the insert, it was obviously aligned with LDS principles and associated beliefs.

I enjoy having a local paper that presents local news, events and issues associated with Tooele County. I did not sign up for a religious paper. I’m seriously contemplating discontinuing my subscription.

Tim Hilderman


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