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December 24, 2019
Do not pad figures

My reason for voting against the $190,000,000 school bond: 

First I am not against supporting education.

However, after reading the details of the proposed bond, I found they were open ended and not specific for building new buildings. The money could have been used for just about anything the school district wanted. The advertising was also not truthful because the billboard along state Route 36 did not agree with the all of the bond usage facts.

Before retiring, I managed a farm and my capital expenditure request had to be specific. So, Tooele County School Board, I make a recommendation when requesting money from taxpayers.

Include for new buildings: Cost of land, if needed to be purchased; cost of building construction; and cost of furnishings.

Include for old buildings: Major repair and maintenance or upgrade costs that would be needed as capital expenses.

State specifically what you intend to use the money for. Do not pad the figures. Be honest and realistic in what is needed and the costs involved.

Conclude with the statement that you will pay down the bond with any amount of money that is not needed to accomplish those things specified for the purpose of the bond after bids are received, construction completed and bills paid.

I keep seeing property sales and fuel taxes go up and some at an extremely high percentage rate with negligible increase in benefits to the public. Problems are not solved with more money, but with effective and efficient management.

Vern Pankratz


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