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May 13, 2014
Do the right thing

It was reported in these pages that the solid waste recycle line (the people who actually separate the stuff) is a losing entity that ought to be sold to private enterprise. In other words, Tooele County won’t pay for doing its very least in the interest of our environment. Perhaps privatization will also replace the rudimentary collection that consists of the blue dumpster behind the food bank and the distant facility on state Route 36. The fact that these containers fill up too fast would indicate that many residents support the ecology of re-cycle, tree huggers that we are.

This is also to say that our short-sighted and negligent commissioners have paid only lip service to what any and every responsible community should be doing. Re-cycle pickup is mandatory in many places I have lived and the service is only slightly subsidized by taxpayers. It almost pays for itself while creating  a number of decent jobs. Here, it was suggested months ago that a trial program would begin in Stansbury, but it would not be mandatory nor a fee charged. That would be the beginning and the end of any private interest in the enterprise and it won’t create any new jobs.

The county commissioners know very well what ought to be done, but they’ve repeatedly demonstrated that the only important jobs are their own. To keep those jobs, they won’t cost the public an extra dime so long as everything can still go to the landfill. I believe that most people would rather pay a few bucks to do the right thing when they can. I don’t believe in the future of re-cycling in Tooele County as our leadership tries to rid itself of the expense.

Gerry Larrivee


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