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June 25, 2013
Dolores Colleen Jefferies

Obit Dolores JefferiesDolores Colleen Jefferies, 83, of Torrance, Calif., passed away peacefully in her home on Sunday, May 19.  She was born to the late Christina Marie Wrathall and George Ellis McBride on Feb. 1, 1930. She was survived by her daughter Carma Jean Jackson (Mesa, Ariz.), step-son Cory Kyle (Torrance, Calif.); and six grandchildren, Jaime Harris (Tucson, Ariz.), Roseanna Henwood (Mesa, Ariz.), Ronnie Henwood (Grantsville), Josh Henwood and Monica Branch (Mesa, Ariz.), and Trina Werner (West Point, Utah). She also has 18 great-grandchildren. Dolores loved the Lord and took His commandment of “love thy neighbor” to heart by championing the friendless and taking them in as her own. She was a supporter of endangered species and donated a lot of her time and money to their many causes. She was an avid sports fan and especially loyal to her L.A. Lakers. Most importantly, she was a true American patriot. She earnestly supported the military and continually gave to veteran’s affairs. She was a member of the National Rifle Association and a three-time Woman of the Year recipient. She was a champion for the physically challenged and was instrumental in the passing of several bills that made life a little bit easier for the disabled. Music was a big part of Dolores’ life; she used to follow Cory to his different singing engagements, and was always eager to have his band practice at her home. Dolores was preceded in death by her late husband, William Ray Jefferies of Grantsville, her daughter Roseanna Marie Wrathall, of Sandy, her son, Steven George Vavrek, of Torrance, Calif., and grandson Joseph Steven Henwood, of Tooele. A celebration of Dolores’ life took place on Saturday, May 25 at her home in Torrance for her friends and family. Her step-son, Cory, and his band performed for guests as they celebrated her life. Later in the evening, 83 red, purple and pink balloons were released in her honor. Dolores was cremated on Thursday, June 6. She will be missed by her many friends and family members.

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