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March 15, 2016
Donald Trump would make mockery of presidency

I fear for my children.

I imagine them attending an event featuring Donald Trump and being run out the door, worse, being punched in the face, for simply being brown-skinned. That is a scene that has been playing out in Trump events all across the country, and that is just for Trump the candidate.

How much more for Trump the president?

Two presidential terms ago, as a disillusioned Republican fatigued by George W. Bush’s hawkish war policy on the Middle East, I lamented the lack of diversity in the Republican Party. Whenever the news cameras panned Republican rallies, I bemoaned how white the crowd was.

I decided I would stop complaining and do something about it. So I got involved in our local Republican party and the community. I eventually ran and won a seat on our city council. Just when I thought the party was making inroads, here comes Trump, who characterizes an ethnic group of people as “rapists and criminals” and members of a religion as American-haters. But he doesn’t stop at race and religion. The handicapped, women, and more are also fair game for his hateful tirade.

With his recent rash of endorsements by prominent Republicans and others, I am dismayed that Republicans are making a bargain with the devil: get us the White House and we will endorse even a dangerous and racist and bigoted egomaniac like Trump.

This is a candidate who eggs on violence against dissenters at his events, tells brawling supporters he will defend them in court, and calls critics vulgar names. I can go on and on, but I won’t. He is not the type of person I want my children to emulate. He does not have the moral integrity to lead our country.

I can no longer sit in silence while I watch many in the Republican party descend into the lowest of lows by endorsing him. What is interesting is I have yet to talk to people who like him. And yet, you hear so few citizens actually speak out against him in public. But I can see why. Perhaps like me, people are scared that criticizing him will open themselves up to vulgarity or attacks. Or maybe they feel like he is our best chance to win the White House.

But at what cost?

Ted Cruz’s recent caucus victories have proven him a viable alternative. He is principled, passionate about the conservative cause, and of far better moral character than Trump. He is someone I can get behind. For the sake of our country, and my children, I will.

What about you?

I realize that living in Utah, I may be preaching to the choir. At our local Republican Party straw poll, Ted Cruz won handily. But we must take it one step further.

I ask you, my fellow Utah Republican Party members and leaders, that we not just cast our ballot for Cruz at the upcoming March 22 caucus. We need to stop our complicity in crowning Trump through our silence. We must write letters to the editor and share news clips on social media. We don’t even have to say much, really. There’s plenty of damning evidence from this man who would turn the presidency of the United States into a mockery.

Allen is a first-generation Filipino-American, Grantsville City Councilwoman, and a member of the Republican Party.

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