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February 11, 2020
Don’t buy into the lie

What have we allowed and are continuing to allow that is undermining “The land of the free and home of the brave”? I follow other news sources than what the main stream media submits to us. We used to find this ideal promoted in every aspect of life and have now submitted our minds to a constant bashing of it. 

Take the universities across the land. Any student willing to speak something contrary to this political counter culture is attacked by liberal professors and administrations that have so brainwashed this generation of young adults to believe outlandish lies. The students, driven on emotion rather than fact, vehemently join in on the attack. Do you still know what courage is? Courage was the motivator to search out truth, to gain understanding, to excel among your peers. So few it seems have this or are reinforced to be courageous. 

Every aspect of this war on freedom and bravery is promoted by other statements, like you are white so you do not have any place to talk. You must not really be black because you support the President and we have sold you the goods he is racist. How can you be gay and support conservative ideals, you are not welcome to call yourself one of us, and so goes the messages.

Then this nonsense of “just breaking facts” coming forth every time they are working on a plan to tear our country apart by starting at the top. Like regarding Russia interference when it really was deep state interests steering that probe. 

Please wake up from this delusion the media has put you in and look into the truth. I will not blame all media but the mainstream and the vicious haters of the President are only going to sell you one narrative. Liberal institutions of learning, same thing. I cannot believe we have slid down the hill so far we cannot make it back to the top of the mountain. 

Be brave again young Americans, old Americans and those in between. Or you will fully buy the lie you are being sold, and in the end will see just what you lost. 

Robert Scott Thiessens


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