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April 29, 2014
Don’t dance to the tune

In your last Thursday’s article regarding “Stericycle’s Emission’s Small” you noted that 68 percent of all emissions produced “in” Tooele County were generated by U.S. Mag Corps in Rowley. It was with some perplexed reflection that I remembered a miracle occurred last summer, which cleared the air in this fair county that seems to perpetually infiltrate our lifestyle. The senses related this to be true despite U.S. Mag, the jets flying over our air space, and many of us continuing to operate our older model gas guzzling pickup trucks.

Both “I and the boys” down at the garage had a vision last Friday in the carbon monoxide interior, which could perhaps explain this remarkable phenomenon. It was revealed that the mighty Thor, while having a tea within close proximity to Valhalla, in a fit of supernatural rage as only Gods can do, struck Odin’s most substantial anvil with such cataclysmic force that it sent a tsunami category wave of air current over this area. The intensity was such that it both cleared the atmosphere throughout Tooele for the entire summer and unfortunately singed the whiskers of Jupiter who sat nearby who was innocently munching on crumpets.

There are many who adhere to the theory that the clear air miracle of the past summer was caused by the devastating landslide that shut down Kennecott Copper throughout this period. As the Kennecott operation sits a vast 7/16 of a mile or so “outside” the boundary of Tooele County, both “I and the boys” down at the garage are of the opinion that the Kennecott story is a myth.

As we are admittedly having some pollution problems here in this grand county, how about let’s not add further pollutants by keeping Stericycle out. There are still many of us here who don’t dance to the tune of “Money, Money, Money!”

Ralph E. Pierce


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