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image Items like this circa-1860 candy dish are on display at the Tooele County Chapter of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Plaza Museum, which is open this summer about 15 miles north of Vernon.

May 29, 2014
DUP museum open for the summer

The Tooele County Company of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Plaza Museum has opened for the summer. Memorial Day was a celebration of pioneer ancestry at the museum with exhibits of artifacts and pioneer photographs. The public is welcome to come on Fridays and Saturdays, or by appointment for other times, to browse the cases and walls, viewing such items as the glass candy dish, circa 1860 from Ajax Store located north of Vernon about 15 miles. 

Ajax store was unique in that William Ajax built it with teams and wagons in mind, so that a customer could pull into the bottom of the store, load the wagon, and drive out the other side. The store contained farm implements, harnesses for work horses, saddles, looms, harmonicas, fabric and just about everything pioneers in the area needed or wanted. If Ajax didn’t have something someone needed, he would get it for them. The store operated through 1915. Corrals nearby and water meant many ranchers in the area could overnight their stock and continue on to their destination in daylight.

There is a special area in the museum with memorabilia and pictures of the store. Among which is a green vase that reflects the delicacy and desired beauty of the time in a land of rough and challenging living. Don’t let go of the past by forgetting pioneers who fought the elements, illness and worked so hard to make this area home for future generations to live in relative ease. Take pride in their accomplishments and be thankful this spring in celebration of lives well spent by visiting this beautiful old museum full of memories of a time honored legacy left for everyone to enjoy.

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