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June 21, 2018
Easily copy and paste across all Apple devices

This feature is extremely useful in that I can easily copy something on my iPhone or Mac and paste it on one of my other Apple devices. Apple calls this the “Universal Clipboard” and it is easy to use.

I know we have all done this before, but you no longer need to email needed files or put them on a flash drive to get what you want onto other devices. This will allow you to copy and paste text, images, photos and videos.

This feature is already set up as long as your devices are logged into the same Apple ID and signed into the same iCloud account. You must also be logged into the same Wi-Fi network and both of your devices need to have Bluetooth enabled. Be aware that this feature may not be available on older Apple devices.

Let’s walk through a simple example so you are clear on how to do this.

Go to your iPhone and open Safari and go to one of your favorite websites. Highlight some text or even a picture and when the menu appears, select Copy. Now, go to another device, such as your iMac or MacBook Pro and open Notes, or another program where you can paste information. Next, go to the menu bar and select Edit and then Paste. It’s that easy.

If this doesn’t work for you, I also found that if the device you are pasting information to, has used the Copy feature and has that data saved in the clipboard, it may not work. You must paste that information first and then you should be able to Copy and Paste from your device to your other devices.

Try this out a few times and see how easy this is to transfer data from one device to another.

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