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November 21, 2013
Election emphasized one vote can decide race

The 2013 elections are finally over and mostly put away. While the turnout wasn’t as good as what we would like, it wasn’t bad.

Tooele City had a 22.65 percent turnout, Grantsville City 30.33 percent, Wendover City 48.88 percent and Stockton 54.08 percent.

For the special service districts, Stansbury Recreation Service area had 7.45 percent turnout and the North Tooele County Fire District had 7.39 percent. In this edition of the Transcript-Bulletin, please see the final canvassed numbers. If you would like to see the precinct count, please follow this link

The candidate’s final financial reports are due Dec. 5 and will be posted on the clerk’s website.

This election really emphasized the point that one vote counts. In the Wendover City race there were six votes that separated the two mayoral candidates and three that separated two of the council candidates.

In the North Tooele County Fire District only three votes separated two of the board of director candidates and in the Stockton mayoral race one vote separated the two candidates. If you were one that didn’t get around to voting, I hope your candidate was the one who won.

We in the clerk’s office are going to take a deep breath once everything has been put away. Next year is a huge election. There are state offices, as well as all of the county offices except for Commissioner Shawn Milne’s seat. Four of the county offices—assessor, recorder, surveyor and treasurer—will be up for six year terms rather than four year terms. The legislature decided having everyone on the same election cycle is not a good idea, so these offices will serve a six-year term and then be on the Presidential Ballot in 2020 for their regular four year terms.

Those of you who voted by mail will receive a notice in January asking you if you want to remain on the by-mail list and where you want your ballots sent. The primary election next year (unless the legislature changes it) will be held June 24 with the General Election on Nov. 4. But that’s clear next year, so until then, have a marvelous Thanksgiving!


Marilyn K. Gillette

Tooele County Clerk

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