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September 13, 2023
Election results: Counting isn’t over, current count can be found online

The primary election is over, almost.

Ballots for the Sept. 5 primary election had to be returned to the clerk’s office, a poll location, or dropped in a drop box by 8 p.m. on Tuesday night. They could also be returned by mail but they must have been posted marked no later than Sept. 5.

That’s the end of the primary for voters.

For election workers the work continues until the final vote canvas on Sept. 19. That’s the final cutoff date for all mail in, cured ballots or validated provisional ballots to be received and counted before the counts are declared final.

Celeste Maloy has already declared victory in the U.S. House District 2 Republican primary as her opponents have conceded the primary race.

Makoy holds a 38.59% lead in the districtwide vote county with Becky Edards in second place with 33.11%. Bruce Hough is in third place with 28.30% of the votes cast.

“While there remain ballots to be counted, we have come up short in this race,” Becky Edwrads posted on election night after votes were counted.

“I congratulate Celeste on her projected victory,” posted Bruce Hough on Facebook. “I enjoyed our time together on the campaign trail as we debated in eleven counties in the district. She will provide the citizens of the 2nd district with excellent representation. I support her 100% as she moves forward to the general election.”

In Tooele County, as of Sept. 12, Hough held a 17 vote lead over Maloy. With Becky Edwards trailing in third place.

Voters in Grantsville City elect all of their city council members in an at-large election. Grantsville City for an at-large city council seat and Erda City for their City Council District 1. 

With 11 people filing for the three open seats on Grantsville’s City Council, voters could vote for up to three candidates in the primary with the top six vote-getters advancing to the general election.

As of Sept. 12, the candidates going to the general election will be Heidi Hammond, Rhett Butler, Jeff Williams, Richard Farley, Max Chavez, and Whit Cook. 

Whit Cook holds a 14 vote lead over seventh place Shelby Moore.

Erda City elects council members by district. Three candidates filed for Erda City Council District 1 which made a primary necessary to eliminate one candidate before the general election.

As of Sept. 12, Scott Droubay held a commanding 70.66% lead. Kalem Sessions held a seven vote lead over Paul Kunz, setting up a match between Droubay and Sessions for the general election.

In the U.S. House District 2 race to replace Congressman Chris Stewart, Maloy will face several opponents in the general election including: Democrat Kathleen Riebe, United Utah Party candidate January Walker, Constitution Party candidate Cassie Easley, Libertarian Bradley Green and unaffiliated candidates Joe Buchanan and Perry Myers.


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