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November 19, 2020
Election vote count is finally final

No surprises, after canvass election night winners still stand 

It took a few tries for Tooele County, but the County Commission and the Tooele County School Board have approved the final count of the Nov. 3 election.

Both groups have convened as the Board of Canvassers for their respective elections and certified their vote counts. 

The School Board met on Tuesday at 6 p.m. 

The County Commission tried to meet as the Board of Canvassers on Monday night, but adjourned their meeting until Tuesday morning at 11. 

At Tuesday morning’s meeting they immediately adjourned until 1:30 that afternoon. At the 1:30 p.m. meeting they successfully certified the election results.

The Tooele County vote approval was held up on Monday night when Commissioner Shawn Milne noticed that according to the final report from Tooele County Clerk Marilyn Gillete, the Erda 01:1 precinct had 8 voters and 17 ballots cast.

Upon investigation, Gillette reported to the County Commission on Tuesday morning that votes were counted for people that registered as voters on Election Day, but their registration information had not been entered into the state’s voter registration database. 

The County Clerk’s Office entered the registration information to correct the report, but  there were 10 new Erda voters that were put in the wrong Erda precinct on Election Day. When those voters were entered into the voter database on Tuesday they were put into the proper Erda precinct.

While the error in precinct assignment did not change any vote totals, it did cause the 10 voters to not receive a ballot that included the Erda incorporation issue. 

However, with the Erda incorporation passing by 62 votes, if all 10 misassigned voters had voted the same way for incorporation it would not have made a difference in the outcome of the election, Gillette said. 

Gillette recommended that final vote count be approved as presented.

With the final vote count, the Election Day report of 27,405 votes cast rose to 32,090, for an 86.7% voter turnout, including voters that registered on Election Day.

That’s a new record high voter turnout for Tooele County, according to Gillette.

The final count did not alter any winners from the preliminary vote count released after polls closed on Election Day.

In the closest races, Erda incorporation passed with 62 more “yes” votes than “no” votes. 

The $170 million Tooele County School District bond passed with 1,181 more “yes” votes than “no” votes. 

In the Tooele County School Board District #4 race ValaRee Shields, Erda, was the winner with a 178 vote lead over incumbent Maresa Manzione, of Overlake.

See the accompanying chart for the final vote count in contested Tooele County races.


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