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October 23, 2012
Eliminating hazmat was a mistake

I’m not sure what the commissioners were thinking when they made the decision to cut the Hazardous Materials Division in the Sheriff’s Office, but eliminating this department should concern all Tooele County residents. Hazardous materials are common in our environment, both in the workplace and in the home. Extremely hazardous substances can be in liquid gas or solid form. Exposure to these chemicals can cause serious illness or death. These types of materials are being transported through Tooele County daily since the west desert is home to multiple industries and military installations that deal in hazardous chemicals or receive volatile shipments of materials. I understand the county has run out of money, but there were obviously some mistakes along the way that may have gotten the county in this unfortunate situation. We have the Wendover Airport that benefits who? I would like to know the money that is put in this airport versus the money that we get out of the Wendover Airport. Who is benefiting from this airport? Is it the residents of Tooele County or the casinos of Wendover? Millions of dollars went to the building of the jail, and it has put Tooele County in a budget shortfall. The concerns are statewide. Elimination of this department is very concerning with industries like EnergySolutions, Clean Harbors, U.S. Magnesium and the thousands of hazardous trucks that travel through our county yearly. Tooele County was one of the most organized and trained hazmat departments in the state, and we’ll go from this to nothing.

Veronica Herrera


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