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January 15, 2013
Enlighten school board

Congratulations to Kathy Taylor, the newly elected member of the Tooele County School Board. She was sworn in Jan. 8, which is hoped to be the start of a period of enlightenment for the current members of the board.

As a prior coach, Kathy understands performance data. She may be surprised to learn that the superintendent, and the senior executive staff, celebrate when our schools reach the state average on CRT and national ACT and SAT tests. There are over 600,000 kindergarten through 12th grade students attending schools in Utah. As a teacher, she understands that when we are only average, it means 300,000 students are out-performing our students. Our kids will be competing against those students for scholarships and openings at trade schools, colleges and universities. They will ultimately compete against them for jobs in the work force. She understands our students and what happens in the classroom needs to take first priority.

Kathy knows our students deserve better. The real shame is that not a single dollar that will be paid in the form of the raises for the district staff will improve student learning in the classroom. Hopefully Kathy won’t let that happen again.

Keith L. Davis


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