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April 13, 2021
Enough is enough

Even though the governor has signed the Endgame Bill, mayors and health department officials are still recommending that schools and establishments open to the public require that students and patrons wear masks. Why?

According to publicly available information, healthy people under 70 have a 99% recovery rate, while those over 70 have a 95% survival rate. The death rate of children ages 0-19 is 0.0003%.

Cloth and paper masks do not stop airborne viruses. If you want to do that, you need a military-grade gas mask. The governor needs to override theses local officials and open the state 100%.

We need to remember that the CDC and local health departments are not legislative bodies and do not make laws — they issue guidelines, obedience to which should be voluntary.

The trouble is that for the past year our elected officials have been giving those guidelines the force of law and violating our inalienable rights, which may not be suspended because of a pandemic, emergency powers, or any other reason, but we may be prevented from exercising them by force or threat of force.

If we do not wake up and defend our rights we might wake up to find ourselves enslaved and forever wearing masks and fearing each other.

If the federal government will allow thousands of illegal aliens into this country each day without testing most of them for COVID, why should I, a free citizen, have to wear a mask? Enough is enough.

Rex Ward


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