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image Erda City Council: Terry Miner, Scott Droubay, Jess Bird, Joshua Kael Martin, Craig Smith.

January 5, 2022
Erda City Council adopts ordinances and moratorium

The Erda City Council adopted parts of the Tooele County Code for Erda City during their meeting on Thursday night in the basement of the Tooele County Building.

Council Chairman Jess Bird expressed concern that the city needed to adopt some kind of city ordinance during Thursday night’s meeting because the city may be incorporated on Monday. Bird did not want there to be a period, even if it was short, with no regulations. Bird said he didn’t want somebody to take advantage of the lack of regulations and start something that the council might be obligated to “grandfather” in later when they adopt city code.

The City Council has been looking at several city and county codes, according to Bird. 

Tooele County and Morgan City codes have been the codes that the council has. by informal consensus, been giving the most attention to adopting as a “starter” code for Erda City.

Kael Martin made it clear that he supported the Morgan City Code and would not vote for adopting the Tooele County code.

“I think the people that voted for incorporation made it clear, one of the reasons they voted for incorporation was that they don’t like Tooele County code,” he said.

Some City Council members agreed that Tooele County Code may not be their preference, but they had not had time to review Morgan City’s Code and could not therefore vote to adopt it during Thursday night’s meeting.

John Brems, Erda City attorney, advised that he could “perform surgery with an axe” and adapt applicable and essential portions of the Tooele County code to Erda City and have it ready before the end of the meeting. Adapting the Morgan City Code would take much more time, he said.

Brems’ revision called for adopting Tooele County Code Chapter 6 Public Safety, Chapter 7 Solid Waste Management, Chapter 8 Animal Control [dog licensing] and Chapter 14 Building Regulation [building permits and building code].

The City Council voted to amend their resolution to adopt the Brems’ revisions to the Tooele County Ordinances, to include a statement to the effect that the Erda City Council will continue to study other ordinances, including Morgan City’s, and adopt changes or replacements to the adopted Tooele County ordinances “soon,” perhaps as soon as their next meeting.

The resolution passed 4-1, with Martin voting against the adoption. Martin said he prefers that the Morgan City Code be adopted.

The Erda City Council did not adopt the Tooele Code chapter on subdivisions, nor did it adopt Tooele County’s Land Use Ordinance, including zoning maps. 

Earlier during the Thursday night meeting, the Erda City Council adopted a “temporary land use regulation,” commonly referred to as a moratorium. The temporary land use regulation prevents any erection, construction or alteration of new or existing structures with the exception of building permits already approved, the approval of subdivisions or the approval of new developments, for 180 days.

The moratorium is designed to allow the Erda City Council time to adopt a “comprehensive zoning scheme.”

The next Erda City Council meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 6, 2022 at 7 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Tooele County Auditorium, at 47 S. Main Street in Tooele City.


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