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March 10, 2020
Erda needs incorporation

After reading the letters in last week’s Transcript from Gene Bauman and Roger Baker, regarding the effort underway to incorporate Erda, I must reply. My first reaction to the letters was to wonder if indeed they were written by actual people. Recently it has been a common practice for developers and real estate people to create and post on pro-suburbanization ghost accounts on social media. I have been assured that Mr. Bauman and Mr. Baker are actual people. So the next thing I wonder is why these men — who live in Stansbury and Tooele — care what happens to Erda? 

Mr. Bauman states that those of us who support Erda incorporation want to keep a certain parcel of land within its boundaries because of the possible tax revenue that would be generated by a proposed satellite inland port. This is laughable. Most of us would be far happier to keep such an industrial development away, preserving the rural character of that land. Mr. Baker alleges that incorporation would backfire due to state regulations for moderate-income housing, and that those favoring incorporation are attempting to “seize from Tooele County” control of the destiny of the community. Seize? Really? Imagine that, wanting to have some say in how our own community grows. 

We all know that growth is coming, but that does not mean that growth has to be done in a way that results in the most money for developers. In the past, developers have pretty much been given anything they asked for by the county government. Citizens of Erda have had enough, and are more than tired of seeing everything good about our community taken away at the whim of developers. If growth is going to happen, we want to have some control over how it is done. Relying on county government to do the best thing for us has just not worked in the past. Erda needs incorporation.

Leanne Bedell


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