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image Lynn Butterfield puts up a sign in his yard showing his support for the Tooele Valley Temple Development.

July 14, 2020
Erda resident shows support for temple development

Pro-temple development signs available 

An Erda resident has paid for yard signs for Tooele County residents that want to show their support for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Tooele Valley Temple and the proposed development surrounding the temple.

“Opponents of private property rights have held the spotlight in our community for some time,” said Lynn Butterfield. “I believe in freedom and private property rights, and it’s time for people that support property rights to stand up.”

Butterfield is an Erda resident, a real estate broker, and a member of the Tooele County Planning Commission that voted for the rezone from RR-1 to the planned community zone for the Church’s property in Erda.

Butterfield said he is taking a stand in opposition to what he calls “anti-private property rights” people that have taken a stand against the recent rezone and plans for a housing development around the proposed Tooele Valley Temple.

“They have made comments that the temple development is a bad thing,” he said. “But there are a lot of us who would like to see the temple development completed as planned. It should be the star of our community and a symbol of a philosophy of kindness and caring, and private property rights.”

Butterfield has paid for the printing of 50 yard signs that read, “Temple Development Yes!”

He put a sign in his yard on Monday. Butterfield hopes that other Tooele County residents that share his views will take a sign for their yard.

Proponents of the referendum to overturn the rezone of the Church’s property have stated that they are not opposed to the temple, but they only oppose the housing development as planned.

“The concept plan for the planned community rezone is not in harmony with the surrounding properties or rural Utah,” wrote the referendum proponents in the Proposition Information Pamphlet distributed by the county clerk as required by state law.

Tooele County residents that want a sign from Butterfield to display can contact him at Donations to defray the cost of the signs are welcome, he said.

Information about the referendum petition can be found on the Facebook page “Rural Erda.”

The Proposition Information Pamphlet was emailed to registered voters at the address provided when they registered to vote. The pamphlet can also be found at


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