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October 1, 2019
Erda Temple impacts

The long awaited impact to Tooele County by the LDS Corporation has been recognized. I am using corporate terms, rather than religious to start with, because of how effective they operate in that regard.

The corporation ran agriculture elements in Erda; it will now use up that agriculture space with a large structure and parking. It will most likely motivate the Tooele County Commission to unleash development around that area. Most likely we will see zone changes. Just be warned, those of you who moved there in order to have some space.

That is a consequence, but what is the real thing we all will face who use Highway 36, and especially those who take their children to the Academies down the lane? It is already a skillful process to maneuver that intersection to take and pickup children. Anyone going and coming from work also is seeing the growth in traffic slowing down already to Mill Junction. We are yet to see what will happen as that area develops further; without a doubt Erda now will explode nearby. Unless we as citizens can restrain or get them to address issues before it is too late. Maybe we will see lanes like Bangerter here. There goes the drive-in movie. I should remind us, though, we are getting a freeway access by Sheep Lane that will be the answer to all this, we know this, correct.

To the corporation as well as the religious, I repeat what I stated earlier this year in a Letter to the Editor: Build your Temple to earn the favor of your god. We, who are followers of Christ, love you as He does for His sake and His Kingdom, even while you live in your own. We pray that by the Grace of God, yet another veil will be torn down, one separating the LDS church and its members from the truth of the gospel. (see Galatians 1:1-9).

God made it clear in scripture that a building was no longer needed to do acts to satisfy requirements to please Him. It was a body He prepared through His Son to satisfy this once and for all. (see Hebrews 10:1-23) There is a difference between man needing a building to satisfy God, and Himself being the Temple of God. Jesus Christ is the author and finisher for those who place their faith in Him. They are now His Body, in which He dwells. (see 1 Corinthians 12:12,13).

To the communities and County Commission: long-term effects are rarely seen in the short term. I know they have water, but what about the rest of us when this is all over?

Scott Thiessens 


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