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July 14, 2020
Erda zone change referendum questions answered

Don’t give up on the final ballot count, we are still processing those who needed a “cure” letter. So what is a “cure” letter? If a returned ballot envelope has not been signed, or the signature does not match one of the ones we have on file for each voter, it creates a problem. We then send out letters with an affidavit asking the voter to sign so we can compare that signature to the one on the ballot, as well as the ones we have on file. Thus, these “cure” letters take care of the problem. By the way, if you’ve received a “cure” letter and haven’t sent it back, please hurry, the deadline is July 20.

In the June 2, 2020, Tooele County Commission meeting the commissioners approved Ordinance 2020-16, changing the zone for property in Erda. A referendum was filed on the ordinance to stop the zone change. A new law was passed by the legislature that whenever a referendum is filed, the county creates a “Proposition Information Pamphlet” (PIP) which includes information to help voters decide whether they are in favor of the referendum or not. Hopefully it will also help voters make a decision on whether to sign the referendum petition or not. The information included in the PIP are the referendum application, arguments prepared by the sponsors, argument prepared by the County, legal and financial impact statements, and a copy of Ordinance 2020-16. If we have an email address on file in your voter registration, you should have received a copy of the PIP in your email.  If you did not, you can get a copy here:

I have received many emails with questions concerning the PIP. Let me see if I can answer some of them here: 

Q: Will we have a chance to vote on this referendum? 

A: If the sponsors gather 2,445 signatures*, it will be placed on the November 2020 ballot.

Q: How can I sign the referendum?

A: Contact one of the sponsors on the second page of the PIP; they will be glad to help you.

Q: How do I vote in favor of the zone change?

A: We’ll have to wait and see if enough signatures are gathered on the petitions. If not, the zone change stands.

Q: Why did I receive a copy of the PIP  in my email? 

A: All registered voters who have given us their email address received a copy of the pamphlet, per the new law.

Q: How do you verify the petition signatures?

A: The same way we verify voter signatures (at least the ones the signature verifier doesn’t get) by hand.

*The signatures have to be split between the 5 Council Districts in Tooele County.

If you have any questions, please contact me at or 435-843-3148.

Marilyn K. Gillette, Tooele County Clerk

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