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July 21, 2020
Evolution vs. Divine Design

Editor’s note: Clair Vernon is a Tooele resident and dentist. In this column Vernon shares some of his conclusions from his research on the topic of evolution and divine design.

Our five senses tell us that we exist, that we are alive and breathing. The age old question is how did we, as humans, and everything else on earth, get here.

There are two main schools of thought in the world today to answer that question:

Option 1: The Big Bang Theory happening billions of years ago. This “big bang” created chemicals which combined to eventually form bacteria. Then, over millions of years, new life formed through a process called evolution.

Option 2: All of what we see and know was created intelligently, on purpose, by a higher power, or God. This option was recorded in the Bible.

They are mutually exclusive and a person cannot have a foot in each camp.

As a student, especially as a college student majoring in biology in the mid 1970’s, I was taught — schooled, brainwashed, indoctrinated — all about evolution. 

As a religious person, I was taught that I was a literal child of God. I believed in the literal account found in the Bible, that man was created in the image of God and that we all descended from Adam and Eve who were literally created by God. 

For my entire life I have been frustrated that the two options are millions/billions of years apart. I have never had good answers until now. 

In January of 2017 I was made aware of a man who lives in Arizona named Dean Sessions. Sessions has always had a keen desire to learn about the earth. As a new college student he eagerly went to a physics lab but was told not to touch anything. Sessions was very disappointed. He went to ask a professor some questions and was basically brushed off. Again Sessions was very disappointed.

He started his own journey of discovery by reading “thousands” of scientific articles and doing his own experiments. After 27 years of this intense learning, Sessions wrote the first two of a three volume set of books entitled “Universal Model— A New Millennial Science.” These first two volumes are in print. His website is for more information. The information in this article is taken from these books.

Charles Darwin wrote a book in 1859 titled “On The Origin Of Species.” Shortly after the book was printed he was asked by a paleontologist, “How do you define a species?” His response was, “I can not.”

Let’s start with some definitions: 

• Evolution: The gradual process of change that occurs in populations of organisms over a long period of time. It manifests itself as new characteristics in a species, and the formation of new species. 

• Species: One population of organisms, all the members of which are able to breed amongst themselves or through artificial insemination and are able to produce fertile offspring. 

• Microevolution: The change of traits within a species.

• Natural Selection: In nature, the breeding process in nature by which organisms adapt and produce changes in traits within a species.

• Selective breeding: The domesticated process of breeding organisms for specific characteristics that produce desired traits within a species.

• Adaptation: The change of traits within a species in nature or domesticated species. 

In the above definition of evolution, the scientists are trying to combine “new characteristics in a species” — microevolution — with the “formation of a new species” — macroevolution. There is a big difference between the two concepts and they cannot be combined or treated as the same principle. 

To be clear and simple, Evolution is the formation of a new species from an existing species! 

Evolutionists continue searching, digging, and scraping for any evidence of Darwin’s 1859 evolution brainchild, all the while telling the public it is a proven fact. 

Due to space restrictions, I am not able to print my entire article which goes into greater detail and explanation proving such topics as the real age of the earth, the universal flood, how the dinosaurs fit into history and many other topics. 

To get a copy of my entire article, e-mail me at Also, Dean Sessions has numerous YouTube presentations available. His website is

Now I know the truth about the fallacy of evolution.

One thought on “Evolution vs. Divine Design

  1. Excellent article by Clair Vernon. It should trigger within each of us a desire to know where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going. It should also help with agnosticism that is believed by many.

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