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February 5, 2013
Expired food at Food Bank

A family member of mine went to the food bank yesterday. Almost everything she got was past expiration date, some of it by three years. Some were expired Jan. 11. She got canned goods and tortilla chips, expired 2011. Also got three full cases of peach yogurt. Expired the day she received them. She wanted to take everything back, but we threw it away so somebody else wouldn’t receive the items.

Do they check expiration dates or rotate the food? They open packages of meat, divide them and freeze without a date on the package. Who wants to guess how old the meat is and who wants to eat meat that has been opened and repackaged by a stranger. We don’t know their hand washing habits. I personally would not eat anything that has been opened, divided and frozen by someone other than myself. That’s how diseases are spread. They need to check dates and quit opening meat they give out to the public to eat. This should be against health department regulations. This is not the first time I’ve seen people get expired food but it’s the most I’ve seen one person get.

I’ve written this to warn people to check expiration dates from the food bank. I know they are probably short on food, and there’s a lot of hungry homeless people out there. But that don’t excuse giving out bad food. Now this person cannot get another food order for a month, even though her food order was expired. They also opened a bag of dry beans and divided it into two different bags. What is wrong with this picture?

Brittany Christensen


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