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November 1, 2023
Faith in the truth of the Bible

The other day Christianity was attacked once again. It may be more accurate to say that the veracity and integrity of God was attacked. I find it interesting that religious faith in general was not attacked, but specifically the Christian faith, regarding our acceptance of the accounts in the Bible, which we believe to be the revealed, recorded Word of God. I guess Christianity is a safe target today.

Whether it is regarding that Jesus is God the Son, or that Christ, our Creator created the universe with just a word, evolutionists and scientists like to say that Christians desperately cling to the biblical “fables” of creation, and by embracing their ignorance they reject the “science” of evolution, or the “science” of the big bang. I hate to break it to them, but “science” is the arena that has lost ground to ignorance. There is no empirical proof, not one shred, that evolution is true. By evolution I mean one species changing into another over time. And when it comes to the “big bang,” there are several competing theories regarding the origin of the universe, all of which have immense hurdles they seem unable to overcome.

Still, it is Christians who are accused of clinging to “blind faith.” The truth is, Christians do not desperately cling to creationism out of blind faith, but in part because we have no reason to abandon our trust in the Bible when science can produce no evidence at all that our beliefs are not worth holding on to!

And please do not make the tired claim that the “evidence” is clear for all to see. If it is so clear then point out to us the proof that creatures do or have changed from one species into another. If you can’t do that, and you can’t, then at least have the integrity to admit that it is you who are clinging to a blind faith out of a desperate fear of admitting that the only viable alternative to a failed scientific theory (evolution) is special creation by God!

Arthur Keith (1866-1955), a staunch proponent of evolution, and a noted professor of anatomy and anthropology, once said, “Evolution is unproved and unprovable. We believe it because the only alternative is special creation, and that is unthinkable” (by “special creation” he meant creation by God). What an honest admission of a blind faith in a failed science! I think Professor Keith’s frank honesty is lacking in most evolutionists today.

Did dinosaurs exist? Absolutely! How long ago? We could have a spirited debate about that point, but that they did exist, and that they died off, as did untold numbers of other creatures, is not up for debate.

What is up for debate is that the charge that people who place their faith in the truth of the Bible, and ultimately in Jesus, are stupid. That is an unwise and malicious charge. I have read numerous books on evolution and quantum physics, and I find many of their thoughts are put forth in clear, intelligent ways, and although I completely disagree with the theoretical conclusions they come to, I would never say that these are stupid people. They are wrong, but they are not stupid.

I also find it strange that such people say time and again that they cannot believe otherwise “intelligent people” can live by faith in such things (meaning the Bible), while at the same time they live by faith in scientific theories they cannot begin to prove. I wonder if they attack atheists for living “by faith?” I say that because since an atheist can’t prove that God doesn’t exist, then to believe that He doesn’t exist is a belief of faith.

Such harsh claims about the Bible may cause many of you to back off on your trust in the claims of the Bible. I would encourage you not to do so. There is no scientific evidence to support evolution, period. Darwinian statements must not be taken as fact, and theory must not be put forth or accepted as evidence. And that is all the evolutionists have!

That is the same regarding the origin of the universe. Big Bang advocates have had to modify their theories numerous times (and they are still theories), and those who advocate “string theories” laugh at the Big Bang advocates as they put forth their unprovable theories of “single point strings” in alternate universes emitting frequencies that created the building blocks of our universe.

If people who propound such ideas would get past what they were taught as “fact” in the 8th grade, and grapple with me regarding some of the more recent ideas coming out of the arena of astrophysics or biomechanics, you would find that many scientists are beginning to realize that the universe has been put together in a very grand design by a Grand Designer.

Science is a wonderful gift. God gave us the universe to explore and understand. But as with most things, people seek to eliminate the Person of God from their equations, as well as from their ethics or moralities. How sad that the cup tells the potter how it came to be, and that theory certainly doesn’t include the Potter. 

If you would take the time to study, you would discover that the more science uncovers, it shows the models of cosmology, as well as theories of evolution, are actually contrary to the laws of thermodynamics, and the observable rules of order to chaos — order to disorder, as well as to the irreducible complexity required in biology.

If you would read some of the latest discussions on quantum physics you would learn that the more they discover, the more they realize that they do not understand why atoms and the universe work at all. To quote one quantum physicist, “It is insane in there!” (meaning in the atom).

The problem with many scientists — and they pass this along to the average person — is that they don’t seem to realize the Bible wasn’t written as a scientific journal. It was written as a letter from God to us, to let us know that we have lost our way because of sin, and that He cares so much about us that He was willing to do whatever it took to open the door for us to have an eternal relationship with Him through faith in the Person and finished work of Jesus, the Messiah.

I make no excuses for having faith in Christ, and in His word. In fact, the Bible is very clear in that it says the only way you can accept what God has done in the way He has done it is by faith. So forgive me, but I will not put my faith in unprovable scientific theories that attempt to eliminate the need for God. Rather I choose to put my faith in a God who so loves me, and so wants to be in a relationship with me, that He would take the punishment I deserve for my sin, and then die in my place on the cross, rising victorious over sin and death from the grave three days later, to offer me, and all who are willing, forgiveness of sin and the gift of eternal life.

As always – choose life; choose Christ.

Jon McCartney is pastor of First Baptist Church of Tooele.

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