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March 8, 2005
Fans who booed cheerleaders should be ashamed

I would like to address the welcome home that was given to the THS cheerleaders at THS. This is my opinion and my opinion only, Susan Trujillo the cheerleaders coach and advisor at THS. I chose the national competition we would attend — not the girls. At the time we picked the national competition we would attend (we chose it in December), we had no idea that Tooele would do so well in basketball; and we couldn’t have done much about it anyway because the date for our competition is completely out of our hands. We are all so proud of the boys and coaches for their accomplishments this year and we’re truly sorry that we couldn’t be there. When we became aware of the conflicting schedules, we did everything we could do before we left for nationals to show our support. We gave the team a bag of treats, recognized them at an assembly, decorated their homes, put up posters for each of the games, and cheered at all their home games.

We tried to go to the away games, but were told that there was no room on the bus. I have coached for 16 years and there has always been room on the bus before. We tried to get a separate bus to take the cheerleaders and pep club, but were told that we also have a shortage of buses, bus drivers, and money. We asked for the district van, but were told that the boy’s basketball was already using it. I asked my administrator three times, I begged, but we were turned down. We can’t carpool because that is illegal, so what could we do? The cheerleaders love to go to the away games because we have a lot of fun supporting our teams; but since we couldn’t go to the games this year, we took a lot of heat from everyone.

We picked our national competition and paid for it in December ($31,000 which was non-refundable) for 44 people. We couldn’t just stay home. We did everything we could for them before we left. If you want someone to blame for this fiasco, blame me, Susan Trujillo, their coach. I was the one who picked the competition. I would also like to say great job to all of those players who didn’t get an assembly for taking a state championship or title in the past. I would also like to say great job to all those players who haven’t taken your state title yet, but who still put in hours and hours of practice and playing time. I would also like to say thank you to my cheerleaders who have taken state titles in 12 of the past 16 years, even though it was no big deal at THS. Coach Lee Leslie, Stacy Squires Watrous, and Marilyn Syra are the only teachers who have ever recognized the cheerleaders or given them treats or decorated their houses even once during the last 16 years.

We were at nationals where Kellie George and my other cheerleaders were crying because we were missing state. They were trying to think of something really neat that they could bring home for the team to show how sorry we were that we weren’t there, and to show that we were thinking of them. Then when we got back, we found out that the fans were booing us at about the same time during Saturday’s nights festivities. When did booing become acceptable behavior? I am sorry parents, fans, coaches, players or anyone else that was booing that night or at the assembly, but I say shame on your for booing 16- or 17- year-old girls who have done everything they can think of to support all the teams all year long. They weren’t home loafing, they were competing in a national cheer competition for their sport; one they had worked and practiced for many months so they could represent our school to the best of their ability. They did a great job at nationals and were so excited to come home to cheer on the team, but what did they get? They were booed again when they tried to support the team at a school assembly.

If you want to complain, I’m Susan Trujillo and I call the shots whether good or bad for the cheerleaders, so complain to me, not the girls. I am truly sorry this has happened, but we have always tried our best and given our best to THS.

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