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February 14, 2012
Fatal crash was reported poorly

After reading the article in the Jan. 31 newspaper about the rollover crash on SR-36 (“Rollover claims driver’s life on stretch of SR-36”), I felt compelled to write my opinions about it because it was a very poorly written article about my brother. There was very little research done about the crash, and what information was in the paper came from an open investigation. We, the family, knew facts about the accident by 5 a.m., and therefore the article should have been more accurate. Also, I feel that Trooper Bob Gutierrez used my brother’s death as a public service announcement for using seatbelts. I don’t disagree about wearing seatbelts, but this was not the time nor the place to get on his soapbox about it. The picture of the car doesn’t do it justice. I don’t believe a seatbelt would have made a difference in saving my brother’s life, and Gutierrez had no right to say otherwise. The last paragraph in the article was the final straw. Gutierrez called my brother, my nephew and my niece-in-law “just a bunch of kids.” All of them are real people whom I love dearly, and they deserve the right to be treated with more respect. A little more thought and feeling could have been given by the journalist who wrote the article. We feel that the only person who cared enough to get the correct answers was Trooper Andrew Prescott with the Utah Highway Patrol, and we sincerely thank him.

Trisdana Colledge


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