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October 15, 2013
Fed up with the Feds

It doesn’t take a shutdown to show how bloated, selfish and dysfunctional the federal government is. But it magnifies it. If only their fun and games in D.C. don’t impact real people in devastating ways. Here are a few local examples.

A childcare provider had to close shop when her clients couldn’t afford paying her. It was, she said, “the last straw.” In turn, other companies that count on her business are affected.

Parents are working with the promise of backpay while their mortgages have come due. Some couples, who both work for the federal government, have become furloughed and are quickly having to sell their assets.

Nicole Cloward and Melissa Collings, the Realtors who successfully sold our house a year ago so we could buy our current home, said that the shutdown has been a horrific blow on a weak but recovering housing market. It’s deader than our downturn three years ago.

All this on top of Tooele County’s economic challenges. People are hurting, D.C.! Stop the silly games!

Is anyone even listening anymore? It makes me wonder if they even remember who they’re supposed to be working for. Because they sure aren’t acting like they care about anything other than saving face and making a point that is obscure to the rest of us.

With the government shutdown, President Obama wants to make sure everyone knows he’s got nerve and guts. “There will be no compromise,” he says, looking straight into the TV camera.

Obama’s “nerve” if you will, resurfaced after his handling of Syria. I mean, come on Tooele County. You know better than others that chemical weapons take years to destroy and that’s with incinerating infrastructure in place.

I’ve tried his backpedaling technique before with people and guess what? No one takes you seriously if you don’t walk the talk. Truth is, this president has no spine when it comes to what truly matters to Americans like you and me.

How can I take Obama seriously when he shuts down parks not funded by the federal government just to make the Republicans squirm? When he posts guards on normally unguarded monuments so they can turn away veterans?

Republicans share the blame.

For all their talk of a better government, they can’t get their act together. The one good thing they have going for them is they don’t have ObamaCare for their albatross. They’ve bungled their chances in producing a coherent alternative. Their actions leading to the shutdown smack of poor sportsmanship and pettiness.

Let the shutdown be our wake-up call, that the federal government is an overreaching, greedy machine. We need to transfer power to states and communities where they belong. We also need to empower our citizens to take care of their own needs instead of being dependent on Uncle Sam. That way, we won’t be hostage to the antics of our capitol clowns.

I’m sick and tired of, and fed up with, the federal government, Democrats and Republicans all. But we’re not helpless. We have power within each and every one of us. If, one by one, we speak out loud and long enough and with our votes, we can get the “old guard” out and bring a new way of thinking to this country.

God help us, we need it.


Jewel Punzalan Allen is a memoir writing consultant and award-winning journalist who lives in Grantsville. Visit her at

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