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image This ferruginous hawk was spotted in a shrub tree located along Smelter Road.

January 24, 2013
Ferruginous hawks commonly seen soaring in Tooele County

The ferruginous hawk is one of the most sighted birds in Tooele County.

It also serves as one of North America’s largest birds. Ferruginous hawks range in size from 2 feet in height with a wingspan of more than 4 feet. Because of their size, behavior and feathers, it is common for people to mistake these hawks for eagles.

Our habitat in Tooele County gives necessary environmental needs for many hawks. Shrub trees, sage lands and acreage provide them with highly provisioned shelter, plentiful prey and safe areas for nesting sites.

Many nests have been found around the Oquirrh Mountains. They can be seen on power poles, shrub trees, hay stacks and sometimes even on the ground. Many of the nests found are very old. They may appear to be abandoned, but the truth is, companioned ferruginous hawks will re-use their nests for many years.

Addie T. Lindsay is an accomplished writer and photographer of wildlife creatures. She is 16 years old. Inquiries should be sent to

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