Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

December 24, 2013
First grade students let Santa know their wishes

The Christmas wishes of approximately 1,000 first grade students in Tooele County can be found inside today’s edition of the Tooele Transcript-Bulletin.

Called the “Dear Santa Letter” project, the letters to Santa Claus were originally hand-written by students while in class. Next, each letter was type-set by Transcript-Bulletin staff with original spelling and grammar honored. To protect the identity of students, each letter is signed by first name only.

Each letter is unique, just like the child who wrote it. And each letter provides a delightful view into the hearts and minds of each little author who is just learning how to express thoughts onto paper.

The “Dear Santa Letter” project was made possible with the help of Scott Rogers, superintendent of Tooele County School District, and first-grade teachers throughout the district.

Every first grade class across the district (there are more than 50) was invited to write letters to Santa. Only Rose Springs Elementary did not participate.

The letters are printed in today’s Christmas Greetings Section, and required more than 1,000 column inches of space. The “Dear Santa Letter” project was created and facilitated by Dianna Bergen, an account executive with the Transcript-Bulletin.

Willow Elementary

Alison Newkirk

I pad. I want an I pad cas. I want sum bookz cus I love books. I can read books. I have been good fore hundred of yaers.~Sydni

A puppy. A samsung. Some lipstick. Some makeup. American girl doll and American girl dollbed. and erasers that come apart. stampees.~Maddyn

A blakitquqit and stomdee and an elf too wach ovr me. plees Santa? I rillee wont stompees do not wrec about to much towees. dous miye mom want me too get olee three thinggs fore christmas. and how I hav ben god is biye giving manee too my family. I have been rilee god. ~Natle

I sata I wot forkfism is a kitih I bin good! Becas I clen with mom and I clen my room for my mom. I want a bik,~Nico

All I want is mie family to love me Family to love. I have ben a very grd grl a toi is a cat it has a stic if you git me that I will be your best frend.~Clarlee

Dear Santa All I awnt for Chistmas is hilp my mommy to sic and rh mor tols toosilansil won seg i wont for Christmas wus tools for my tool box and big soopman and big batman and now batman home.~Joseph

My to front teeth please. An xbox 360. And a flat screne tv. Skylanders swap forse pleas. A miny ipab. A rumote countrole plane. A transformer beast hunter. An ipod tuch. A skate bord. A nerf gun. A Xlodere. A 22. A shot gun. A pistl. A gun holder. A pok it nive. Hev I ben good.~Cooper

Pesol box o and I moechl most rehrun. and if dr oyu gacit. and a fec snebell.~Easton

I want kit in and a a frbsoomer and books books a ball sicen lab a sticky h and books socks a fish oo5 I have bin good! I have helpd sisers and brothrs any re good too!~Ellie

I want a pupy. And a minekidi. I have ben good bcus I have belp my bruther.~Corbin

I wudt I bik with flamz with bloow blam Biik I wot upel petutinsonpoopet I watuher kop trtoeey.~Koen

I want a streskckih becus I help Mrs. Newkirk. She is nice. So nice I love Mrs. Newkirk She is Santa you are the best ever I love you tou santa and I want a gumball masheh thak you santa your the best by santa.~Avery

I waet a calrig set. and a new D% gaem. and a fox toy. And a new cerismes doll. and how I have ben good is. I haev helpt my mom.~Charlotte

Nabe Amceican .girl.doll.cloit. with clothes clotes. I saw in old lade  I’v bin good. Love.~Renn

Crans. You rasrs you ipod cenopesic you lot I have ben good  Kadee

A new football. a new wegam. An xbox360 or a xbox1. A basketball. A fore welller. I want an elf. 50$ I have good  Love.~Zac

A fan and all av the nrf guds and a big chyma lego set  I bin good for the rest av the math.~Calbert

an ipod. endswichen godino. help mom do dishis.~Cliffrd

I want a better cup. Poney and moster High doll and a giant pellow. Put and a blacit pellow. Kayer. Gise Gowb. Gowing Pellow. Seat put.~Hope

A thran cat and a ipad foor  a cid and a thrown foor the thran cat. i get all this stof bcas I help mi sistr and brathr.~Eastoht

Easy bake oven. Cool pop. Friendship brauslit maker. Flippe. Stompy. Puppydog. bebegun. gar. rooking horse. santou beakse win my brother stuffs me to play with rupitslbe.  Stuffd snowemoun. I ben good becus I help my mom.~Cecilia


Willow Elementary

Jenimarie Coon

Dees, Babe, Hers, elf, tre, krens, boox, presis, bose, close, fegrpollesne, necllse, braslit, cecheas, culeboox, cat.~Raylee

Cash rejister, doll, candy, romote control car, pete the cat saves Christmas book, pink alishish marry pinkmas, money, littleist pet shop, toy food, book pink apple my two front teeth, sticker’s, craryon’s, littleist petshop stuff, pajamas.~Brinley

I want dol, I want prisdol, I want is fon.~Courtney

PSP. Egot Bol Cords, Pats.~Talon

Sdr-Man, Nrnan.~Dallen

Santa plees can you get me scie Landrs and deLeeiNjel BrAyc set.~Garrett

I wot a frbee. I wot a stafee. I wot a hichos. I wot a tetesPshoPs.~Daniel

MoMsttR Heie, Brbey dolle, Too Frut teth, Logos Fese, hall~Zoe Jane

I wot A FRBe. I wot A stuft anmol. I wot A DS. I wot A toy. I wot A sciladRs.~Haylee

Skylanders: Spyros adventure.~Ethan

Lip Stik. iPud. A elf on the Shelf. MonstR high Dolls. MonstR high RollRe.~Sophi

My 2 Fat Tef.~Keholdee

A 3DSX L tatisthe, best thing I want pless Santa Close a hdaelte, plesz Santa Close.~Keagan

BorBee hose, BoBee, gum, mostr hi DoL, a noo scorf, I wate my to fran TTeeTh, a reel fon, manee, poneey, now shos, now clos, naL PoLish, Lip STic.~Peyton

LaLaLopsys and a kamra fak foob, Lalalopsys hi – choow, Barbe.~Dyanna

Camra, elf, fowne, LaLaLoppsy, Barbey’s, Hi choos, nelpolish, hedband’s.~Emma

All i want for Christmas Is a speris.~Jadeyn

Fone, trash pake, DV, iPod, 4sQar ball.~Josiah

Boss rdn Mom.~Parker

Trotn sets, Laygos, Bat Cav.~Nicholas


Willow Elementary

Karen Parks

Is my too frant teeth and a BarBie Hawse and if you coode bring something for my dad in my stocing ples thank you.~Lydia

I Boos And hALocietee. I wot WaooLF An buNo. I wot A DINAsooAWR And U No. I NED A ALAFIT.~Emma

PLAStAshin 4, Bik-gam, toys.~Mason

All I want is a baby hosay, and a big Hevex, and a PS3, and a Bib Buray Wit a big big big hrt and a littly macbl. I love you Santa and a toy Ftwilrw and a teg thet hid are bsis and a dog and a can for my dog. Can you git mey a lebn and a blay and a natr Blay for the foob and the atrrblay is for wobr and a bek for my dog pes.~Lacey

Bike, RowboF Dol, merkin flag, blakit, and pilo, xbox, batman bat books, dog, gola mask.~Payton

I wot a cestregrw. I wot a lovalap. I wot a patset. I wot a sdrt. I wot a boaslit. I wot a bac. I wot a Brc. I wot a BaBe. I wot a BasBol. I wot a bamBolashen. I wot a Dog. I wot a Pesnl. I wot a stafamr. I wot a nesles. I wot a reg. I wot a soof.~Gracie

A dol, and Koss four it and toe if boll koll self hat pateg doll tate bar wella we, a magic bell Kadecag, Big Des, Baed BufNll red duke, Best St. Nikisl, Bae Bufrl.~Hayli

Drot bicke, army men, scitandrs, a baby pupy, hors, Wii U.~Austin

PS3. PS4.~Boston

JdT3 hp.~Colton

I want a acheih figr naher h irphm mah I wand Lrgub, Maden.~Braiden

Sofia stuff, a good noo frend htets like me, a mor sofia stuff and a little mor sofia stuff and a baby pupy and a iPod.~Brisa

All I want is a lef on a shef, and a tin sisdr, and a lef on a bed, and a modsic, and a nooe babac, and a nooe peslbok, and a nooe toys.~Dakota

A rander a tede Bere’s, choclet’s, and a Elf on woche’s me colr’s.~Dana

BrBees a bing stuff, ruooz in to dois, most r uoo nuvrs dee toys a Elf to ta santa toy to I want a caindr teechr stat.~Lindsey

I what a dsiN Book and A new shos and a bellt scrt and mor bellt shrts, the mores are goldin cumpis, the Plor Xspres and a Magic Bell. Thank You.~Jessica

Bentenwoch, ere hog, xykardz, futdol karz, basball karz, sokr karz.~Aidan

Xbox and RmEgis and EFRFEg and lol LEcoIX and lol Tosu.~Jayden

Wii U.~Alex


Willow Elementary

Joan Painter

Is my two front teth and Argos Marie-Grace’s dog and more close for her and her pajamas and my sise pajamas that are the same. I feed my kitten every moning. Love~Isabelle.

It’s me, Brooklyn. I have tried to be godo all year. I have ben nice. I would really like an American girl doll. Thank you sincerely. Love~Brooklyn.

I have tried to be good all year. I have been nice. Thank you! Sincerely, It’s me~Ryker.

It’s me, Zaib. I feed the dogs every morning. I would like an ipad. Love~Zaibree.

Hot wills car maker, 2 lego sets, DS, game for DS. I have been nice at home. Love~Nelson.

A Lego monster truck. Love, Zane. I always make my bed.~Zane

A hot wheels bike, with the red things that point to the numbers. Love~Drake.

3DS, scooter, XBox 1, XBox 360, more scoolse. Love~Camden.

Zoomer and my tow front teeth. I have tried to be good all year. I have helped my class mate. From~Ranae.

Zoomer, flutterby fairy, a new tooht bush, head bands, act up! From~Reese.

An iPod. I watched my baby sistr. Love~Desiree

A Lala loopsy doll. I helped my friend. From~Zandi

Legos zoo. I have tried to be good all year. From~Colton

Kit of wires. Reimote control tank. I weshed the dishes. From~Hudson

Playdough. Megablocks. From~Sawyer

Darth Vadar under my tree and Star Wars legos. Love~Jimmy

A DS, an elf. From~Genevieve. PS I olrow want a bow and arow.

A bow and arrow. From~Madi. I also want a DS

A mini dirt bike. A Xbox 360. Love~Krue

A Monster High doll. How are your elves. Love~Caitlin

Xbox 360. Mini motorcycle. Mincraft DVD. To Santa. From~Mason

An alarm clock, banbies and a renemote control dog. Are you elves working hard? From~Riley

You to surprise me. From~Olivia


Anna Smith Elementary

Karen Read

An ipad, a wii, a xbox, a netendo, an American kestral, angry birds space, mako shark, helicoprion, star wars legos, megalodon, balgin, pargenfalcom, sperm whale, harpe eagle, nar whale, remora, lots of snakes, lots of guns, some light sabers.~Matthew

A criowtuch4 a ipad and a new home and a glow pet and a bol dog dsi and a new lap top.~Sayra

3D.S., and monster truck, and a big robot, and a race car with control, and Lego City, and xdox one, and xdox tow, and a ipad and a phone, and a $100. Love Santa.~Cesar

A doll house and a ipad and eregs, ad a fown and a new backback and a heofawns. Bye Santa.~Perla

I wot want b. all er in a shoes little bluck, s you be my best friend Santa. Glitsiglbes girle go5. Jewelry horses little squishy things. Cun PE o the R. Mosic Box ples. Luf Mariloh.~Mariah

I want a clothes to were. I want a real phone. And a gloves. I want scarf. I want a ipad. I want a shoes. I want a Book. I want a real Comoputer. Good bye Santa, Leslie.~Leslie

I want  pink bike and a pink zebra and a pink books and Thank you Santa.~Adalycia

I wont a pink notebood with a stufft zebra with a shrt. Love, Jackelyn.~Jackelyn

Ipad and a pone and a sled and a easy bake and a orbeez spa and a tablet and a paint, and a Barbie boll. What your favorite kind of cookies? Love Alicia.~Alicia

Ipod and a pen and a phone and a ring for my mom and me and a computer for my mon and my. Thank you!~Minerva

I wont a ipod touch and a ipod and dol house and a puppy and I wont a dog and bye.~Valeria

I want xbox one a play Stashen 4. And I want a control car and a control monster truck and a ipad and iphone and a ipod. I want games for my xbox one and xbox 360 and xbox 2 and a games for my xbox 2 and a book and Lego Ninjago and car toy robot.~Kevin

An xbox one and a reseller and a game it call 2 kl4 and a brasletanda control for my xbox. Iphone, ipad and basketball. Chicago bulls jursee of 23 jursee and a bat and a cort and a lego. Thank you.~Daniel

I wot a leHrec Hruc and mchener and a moe sikl. Gbox santa.~Heriberto

Prlerd gereey, coowoww wat I need snow knowos, coystic plees.~Jason

Tow loe tall because then I can see stuff by Santa.~Zack

Help from others to fix up the historic Wendover Airbase buildings. I want this because I think history is important and I want to take my students there on a field trip. Love~Karen.


Anna Smith Elementary

Imelda Akens

A wii and a basketball and a race car and Angry birds, star wars and turtle ninjas and a computer. By Santa thank you.~Horacio

Dear Santa letter, I wrote a smsa tder Santa ugnstw drraon ant snbt heagats bags.~Angel T

A xbox 360, a pizza, a hamburger.~Julian

A fone and a house for barbes and a car for barbes and a tablet and all the prinsis.~Fernanda

A horse and house for barbes and a car for barbes and a monkey for me and I want princess.~Janella

Dear santa I want a xbox360 and I want it black.~Nathan

In Ifone five. And a isecream misheen. And a dog and a dogs cage.~Anahi

Kit of sparles pant brush, foon, hi hills, is crem macr, stuft prezle.~Nevaeh

I want a lap top for Christmas. And a snow maker for Christmas. And crayons for Christmas. And I want a sled for Chrismas. And a bunch uv presents.~Danny

Is gluvs and a jrzee uv Miami het and a books and a hat and basckit boll shows and a cockr shows.~Angel O

A kitten and a doll and a map and a ball a letter a horse. I want a crayons a books and a umbrella and a bear.~Pilar

A lego Bat Man and toy of a Bat Man.~Isaac

Xbox four and a new loo shaps and a new bat girl.~Alexa

Legos and Iphone 5 and I want a Skylander game for my PS3 an I want a Heat ball an a sled for Christmas and a scooter for Christmas.~Raul

Dear Santa I wont a bere. Dear Santa I wont a beik. Dear Santa I wont a gorilla. Dear Santa I wont a shrc. Dear Santa I wont a egow. Dear Santa I want a lunthbox. Dear Santa I wont a ras cor.~Narcizo

Dear santa, I want frum toes r us the cor that gos bac and frunt.~Angel L

I want ermufs. Helfans. A fon. A srfbors. I want a kiet. I want a warm swetr. I want a santa buk. I want a glitr. I want a warm blakit.~Alexandra


Overlake Elementary

Melissa Klenk

I yont a iPad. I yont a Locr. I yont sone Bry.~Bryton

Lagose, a mote car, gams, robote, 007 Jams bod gam, in fiutee, 007 now gam, deees.~Aiden

Muney and a Spock scootr.~Star

Call of Doode goste, and a toy helcoptr, and sum Nikes.~Madex

Skoobr, bartees.~Rachel

A Robr band, braslit kit.~Tenley

A UQese yu doll, blulos see, my to fut tef, bobey, a now bik.~Lorynn

Bird, coins, cat, modre sikle, kit, rindeer.~Houston

Dere Santa, for Christmas is toy robrot and a mobresikl, and a cilr.~Nate

A magik jinn gesing game and a big figit.~Ana

Xbox One, money, candy, baskitt ball, iPhone5, pool, bayblade, weel.~Isaac

Ipod tuch, a monster high dol, and her name is catreen dramor and makeup.~Kairi

Skootr, a tree, and a helicopter.~Josh

I want a iPod! And a dress up eny kinde will do! Plessy!~Sara

Earasr, obeyn, fish, robote, yo-yo, motorcycle.~Ian

I wont mune. I wont a eser bake uvin. I wont a baby stister. I wont a baby bruther. I wont a Playdo.~Breckelle

Lego Lord ov The rengs. For dolrs. A toy shark. A toy rokit lon-shr.~Alex

Monster high dole, and mak up.~Baylee

Age brs gol, mago boxes, Xbox 360.~Skylar

Mi Fa Fwit is wagos. I wt mi to fu tef. I wt mune. I wt wasu Fcej. I wut a book. I wt a car.~Carter

A NrF evl Boinero, and now Barbes, and a DS, and a little mor.~Shylee

Wow and Pase, and 3 KPad.~Bobby


I want a iPaT, and I want a noo brbe, and I want a noo book.~Marah

Disny infinudy, and a big teddy bear.~Cru


Overlake Elementary

Gloria Hooper

Is a Lego set. A puppy and a treat if give me it or a new swimming suit or candy. New school suplise and a fence a nerf gun or money or cookies.~ Lorenzo

A lego set! three man puck, of syldnters! 3ds hingo- vs pirates! this cout that shoot’s this stax!~ Isaac

I want a prite casl with a bell.~ Prestey

Toy computer. Crans. Markers. Toy cat. Crown. Gluw. Paper. Chapstick. Toy bear. Pencels. Sisers. Snow glovs. Barbes. Lalaloopsy rosy. Lalapopsy candy. Lalaloops kat. Lalaloopsy Holly.j~ Amy

Art things. Books. Clothes. Baby doll clothes. A toy school. A chair surprises. Hello kitty things.~ Greenlee

A kindle in pink. Easy bake oven. Miss kecho. Unicorn whif whing’s. Jewelry. Sleeping birty dress. Briere Birtye dress. Pink jewelry crone. Pinyata full of pink jewl’s. 7 bags of 100 doller’s. Ciana doll.~ Brekken

A big bear as tall as I can sit in. And a lott of paint things. And I want a real babby cat. And I want a fake rabit.~ Sabrina

A zike an a plow caote. A dirt bike and chima and a bike. Hotwhees cars and a ipad2.~ Max

Zike 3 ds eiftrik skoob chnrfoxou.~ Zeek

Snow pints. Sled. Dog. Dolghin. Chea. Piritsete. Pop. Viwlin.~ Andbel


Overlake Elementary

Michelle Lingenfelter

…a crayon maker because I think it would be fun to have one.~Lily

I want a xodcs our with gta because I wane tell I was to.~Konner

I want a DS. and a plate o weset and a Bar Bie Prinses maker six of um and a bike and a Platowe set and books?~Taylor

We’ve been good this year. We have practiced our sight words we can count to 120 we try hard. We could use more pop games and a pet we want socks and erasers and prizes.~Abigail

…a DS and games to it and Monster Hie Dols and a fare rtaflio.~Kyndria

I would like a Monster High doll because I love Halen Wolf she is pretty hr pet heghog is cute.~Allie

…a bike because I can get to places fast.~Skylet

…a sluche maer.~Jonathan

…you to liv in my haeos that is all I wot.~Ryan

…a IPod and a Green Mac ine Because me and my Brother can Play Midcaft on it and the Green Machine Because it is cooL.~Jason

I want a puppy Because thay Love Me and I Love tham and I roll take care of it.~Mallory

A XBOX 1 please. Becase you can talk to yous it.~Joshua

I wot a saooenma. SHen and a GLdeisit. Vats. I Hf bin good I bLYfin.~Kymber

Xbox gamse to it! And a pece of aree in dee s.~Trevor

…a puppy Becaue I can Play with him and I can Play Frizby with him and I can Fro stick and hy can cach him and a Frizbey Becaues I can play with it.~Ella

…a bus Driver with bus kids and a bus. Because I ride the bus.~Nick

I want a plush pune and I want a bike and I want a toy deiry.~Shelley

I want 2 monster high dolls can the dolls be catty nor and halleen wolf and a puppy or kitty a Barbie too I need those things becase I want the mh dolls I need my one real alive pet I need more barbies for my cleshon please get me those things.~Maddie

Xbox and a red light saber and Lego STARWARZ is my lite I wont Lego STARWARS 123456 or DiDM I wo beca use it is my lite I love it and I want a STARWARS PJ one I love Santa I like Jim.~Brody

A cat because. I have Been goD. This year and I have Been taking goD ker of my Familys cat but I wot my o mow Santa hwi Are yor Reindeer.~Rachel

…a exPox 3 en a the Dog … I love mi mom.~Mathew


Overlake Elementary

Suzanne Golden

A new bike, a tabit, a toy car, a lego Bat Man guy, a El-Mocho, a puffe, a freezz-ray, a Brutr. Love~Dante

Legos that is Star Wars clone wars. Allso lego miut figrs, allat of them, incloodine Lego sets and ninju toys 2. From~Isaac

My two frunt teeth, makeup, montstr hi deols, Kindl Fire, iPod. From~Brooklyn

A nathr dog and a fart gun to noc awt my famly. Frum~Ryder

A new pere uv shoos and a cor briveing whithe and rack ron out it tools. From~Vanessa

Dear Santa, All I wont for Christmas is a zebra sout case and a bike and a desk. Love~Madison!

I like a phone. I like a new I Spy Books. Love~Isaac D

To see my mom. And mabea the coolist toy ever. Sinseerlee~Sebastian

Dear Santa, I want a my life doll an some clare for the dall an clos for me an shoos an a ipote. From~Sophie

Dear Santa, I wot a big rander. Love~Hailey

A nija trdl dol and a mashstash and a Lago set. Sinserle~John

My famly to be hapy. And sum mostr high dols. And a cmputer. And a iplod. From~Julia

A ginte mostr track and a forweelr thes reel for ckids. And a freestiler bike and a fon. From~Christian

Dear Santa, All I want is for Christas is a dog and a fone and a toye. Love~Colbi

A tadllit and a fone and a deaes. Love~Brinlee

I want a DS gamse. I wont a weay, and more hanitisre and stikrs, and my 2 botum teth, and a kindl, and a desck, and wotr bed. Love~Nevaeh

XBox 360 with Call fo Doode Gostes and tocking gir and a big skrene TV for  GAMES pleze. Love~Cash

Make up, moster high dolls and cloth and barbie dolls. Pupits, a tblt Kindl fire. Love~Brynle

A wude one a eksbok 360. Satu, I wot a b brd. Loet-Fiagks, wodr bed. From~Maurice

I wot a esbos 360! I wot 2 futethe! I wot a skilib swop foos! I wot a desck. Lov~Wyatt

A mp3 player and a moster high doll and a phone with a charjer. From~Kyleigh

My 2 fut teth. Ipad. Bapack. Herer stuf. Diw. Teve. Gpoodr. Abc. Nostrmcher strv. Dexck. PC. Love~Maris

A beese, and a umbrella, and a phone and a mostr hiye, and a cumpute key pie and a baby. From~Jaysie

Dear, I wts kindv glandrvsichfr. Dear wtoo blak piebkfkvim. Dear woot poobf kismis. Dear woot From~Brayden


Excelsior Academy

Kassie Deckard

For every onee to have the christmas spirit and I wont  to know why you Give presents to everyone and lots of toys.~Kayda

A Bay Biape, SitylanDer Swap-force, ipad, toy phone, robot dog, legos, remote control car, a big ball, toy computer, control robot dog, a toy Bug, a car maker, a magic Book.~Kevin

Skylanders Swap Force Disney infanty, a scooter thte makes sparks. A cal ander, a giant remote control fisn. A fish tank and a 3DS. I have been very good thank you.

Love, Matthew.~Matthew

A toy cat and a dolly. I love you santa and a not creiclRea.

From Ashley ann.~Ashley

A NeNtedo DS, Legos, A robot, A Bike, art supplies, AND CANDY, A toy cars, A SkAte Board.~David

I Would like a Hello kitty and a ds nentendo DS and a Hello Kitty DS game.~Aubree

An IPOd Pleas Santa.~Garytt

The Lego Ship and a my little pony.~August

3 candy canes, 2 puppy and. 2 princess crown and a raindeer coloring book.~Avery

A soing mashen, and a manstr hie doll. Thak youu Santa Clos. From Cyatel.~Cyatel

I want a toy and his name bumllbee and I want star Wars legos and I want a Ratte Snake Book.~Spencer


Excelsior Academy

Susan Hinckley

Xbox 360, bike, lego star wrs. Puppy.~Cosette

Supr luigi for the WII.~Logan

The one thing I wont for Christmas. Xbox 360.~McCoy

A new ipod. New shoes. A new ring. A new dress. That’s all the sof I want for Christmas.~Hadlee

I wantd Batmann set this yer.~Kaleb

Wiiu. Barbie car, Barbie Baby, Bik with no chaning wils and with a bel and a horn. 3DS.~Sharlee

Thank you fore all of the Great Giftes youve Given me. And I want Skylanders Swp fors and more Skylanders. Dear Santa you Are the best!~Autumn

Dear saNta, I want a BatmaN Lego Gatman game. And a Superfudes Moove. And a robot puppe that’s Namd Zoomr. I love SaNta Love Julian. And a Minckaft frame peictcshr that has stev. Love Julian. I Love SaNta.~Julian

A American girl doll and a happy Christmas. And a happy Chrisitmas for Paytyn and a frend Lego set and a merry Christmas to you.~Esther

Christmas Trane.~Sam

Lego set , Hulk, Masck, a Batman, psifkoiin, ShoDgam, Batman 2, Wiiu.~William

A Batman one. A casl, key. My gramo to cum ovr to my home.~Isaac

A Lego set 1. A step up. Ome Minor a set and a BME Fone min craeot.~Nathan

Batman lego skNio tcers to go with it. Skylanders, swap force.~Blake

Ipod Ipod, A ring, dress,  egrrl, ballet, necklace.~Shandon

1 xbox Thank You.~Brandon

Dear Santa, I want a Lego set and xbox 360 and a kindle fire to an swap force.~Beckham

Bike. Ipod, DS. BRD. Sodr. Backdact. Coklitkiki. SSIS._ SCIS CNde corns. Loko midr.~Natalie

This year for Christmas Skylanders a Ipad. Uold like a xbox one. Kindlefire.~Aiden

Ho Ho Ho Mary Christmas Santa. I want a little mote r sickeith d Nky ou sdNTd.~William

Skittle rittles. A Robot and a Ipad and a Minechaft set with a Pig and a Zombie and Davilaegr.~Lincoln

To my Thomas. Min cract steve. Min craet X Box 360. Skylandrs, Xbox One.~Benjamin

Xbox 360 and Xbox One for my mom and dad and me.~Miekka


Excelsior Academy

Kelli Jolley

Boom set, Boom set one, Spy Rise, Veitnon Toy, Hoot Voop, Bumblbles, JumbBack, Exe-Bral.~Luke

Dear Santa, All I want For Christmes is a lot of clos and macup, and hils and are gsand lHier staf and dog and a cas.~Teagan

IPod ipad, camo airhog. Dogy Dog. Jerky, Iphone, buttercups. Skittles. Reeses peeses. Seeu. The game that you pull the gueie stuff. Borachort. Cardchart for parents wan they are bad play in the snow. Mincrat DS. Markers for bond.~Dillon

Minie ipad. Soo prk up ureth. La campand el arboi el reno La estrella El my recodenieve 1 subject Crayola Reading Mastery Pansy Pawduch Box.~Corbin

Conputer, Ipad, Ifone, Ipod, Kendll, Wee, WiU, Wood, Panet, donetas, Adtime, be with my family.~Tate

To have fun at Lost Vages with my family and celebrute Christmas and be happy and an ipad.~Mele

I wot a Krismis graspies sat a Iewot ninis pies, Santu.~Brooklin

Liyin king 2. Skilanders Swap fars. Chapter book, sieanders Giyins eny kind of  lego Star wars, a dog and my baby brother, also a chrep to disny land.~Stetson

Dear Santa all I want ipad sow +wwe, Dragon ball Z kai a dog, calandrs gians swop fose, candyland, the uglys.~Adrian

Dear santa letter IOU TS bx sooiohio.~Gabe

Too be happy to get a ipad and ipad2 an ipad3 an ipad4 an ipad5 a Skylanders portal a new game a phone to be healthy to laugh to get tons of candy to play with friends a trip to Hawaii and ICE CREAM.~Isaac

A Laptop breaking and a dady cat and somethings girly and school suft and Pokemon cared and ds games. Everything els that I can have.~Londyn

A ipad, a racecar, a vcashin, go caping, a racecar bed, preais, cadea, cpcake.~John

Dear Santa all I for Christmas is ipad miney and a kinal and I want to see you.~Mason

My little Pony.~Abby

IIb 5, kry not 100000$, $5, 100$.~Jack

I.Pad Love and fund and You? If one someone to Love me.~Dawsen

Dear Santa Imve good and all I want for Chrismas is a super compoter. Dounias, candy in my stocking and new candy cane a new train set, a shring ray fresse and a sun of five vay I lik You.~Trever

Cincfir Bick Chart to echapdrm dracbanas choul kcoh gingtin toys.~Cole


East Elementary

Karin Traughber

Thank you for my toys. Do you lik milc? Do you like cookees? I would like Bzoka neat sun. And I will like a ipod and I will like a 20 dos and I will like a Santa dol and I will like a Missikos dol and I will like 10 toys and a Wii. I will like toy. Pleese drive Safe.~Luke

I thank you four my hot wil. How is Mis Claus, how minee kakeaz do you need? Have a mare. Can I hav a Maoil glare. Have a mare krismis.~Alex J

Thank you for all the presents you got me. Why do your raidin fly? Why do Santa com dan the chimne. Who is Mrs Clos. I hop for radir get homesaf. All I wot for crimimis dart gun.~Landon

Thank you for all the presents lat year. How is Mrs. Claus? How do I get to your hows? How are the reindeer? How do the reindeer fly? I would like lsum  little legos and a ipad. Have a merry Christmas!~Talan

Thank you for all th toys. How is Mrs Claus? Why do you wer red all the tim? How is Rudolph? How do your reindeers fly? How do I get to the North Pole? How meney elves do you have? How do you delivr all the toys in tim? Wiy do you like milk and cuces? How do I get to your house? For crimis cen I get a sii and a doll house pies. Loved Yuliana Merey crismis.~Yuliana

Thank you for the gifts last yer. What is yor favorite elve? How do yor rane dear fly? Why do you drink milk and eat koocys? I want a DS with games. And a Ipod Happy Now yer.~Alisha

Thank you for all the gifts. Do you get tired of milk and cookys? This yeer will you wont strodert milk. Wat I wonk is a Ipod and squinkie. Merry Christmas. Love your frend Ciara.~Ciara

Thank you for all presents last year. How is Mrs Claus? How do your reindeer fly? What is your faveret elve? Please may I have a ipod have a hall jall Chrishmis.~Ava

Thank you for the presents. How are your elves? How is Mrs Claus? How do I get to the North pole? I would like a ipod. Please may I have a ablet. Have a holly jolly Christmas.~Gavin

Thank you for the gifs. Are there poler baers? How is Mrs. Claus? How do the reindeer fly? Please can I have a DS with games? I hope you make it home safe.~Alex G

Thank you for all of the toys you have gave me. Why do you where red all the time? Is Mrs. Claus the mom of the elves? Is Santa the Dad of the elves? Why do you drink milk and eat coockeys? Please may I have a PS4 and a kindle fire for Christmas! Have a merry Christmas!~Logan

Thank you for all of the toys. How is Msr Claaus? How do I get to your house? Wht is your favrit elves? Please may I have som halo and a xbox with halo + the game. Mery Christmas to all. Hop yor mak it home safe.~Vaughn

Thak you for the toys I have. Wich is your favorite elf? How do the reindeer fly? I would like a GI Joe. Have a happy New Year.~Morgan

Thank you for all the toys from last yir. I would like a Mp3 player and sum Squinkies? How do I get to your house? Santa? How is Mrs. Claus doing. How is the I Hopo that you get house?~Spryte

Thank you for presents. How do your reindeers fly? How is Rudolph? How is Mrs Claus? I would like a Kindle fire and a ipad I hop I see you next year.~Sevastian

Thank you for the toys. How are the elves? Are you all rigt? How do I git to your house? Can I have a mp3 player? Happy holidays to all.~Emilee

Dear Santa Clas Thank you for all of the presis last yer last Crismis. Please may I have a ipad please and I would like a WII please. Have a holly jlly Christmas How meny elfs do you have. Love, Lilly.~Lilly

Tank you for my presens. How is everee body at the Nothe Pole? I want a toy macheen gun and a ipod and lagose. And have a happy New Year.~Richard

Thank you for your pesins. How do I get to your haus? How do yor randeir fly? Wich elf is your favrit. May I have a ipod. Mere Chrismis to all.~Melody

Thanks for the set of legose.~Taige

Thank you for all of the toys. Where is your home? Please may I have is remote control car Wat is your dryk. Mire Cresmis.~Alex R


East Elementary

Lisa Schaeffer

Dear Santa, How is Mrs. Claus? I want you to bring me a monster truck, a phone. I was a elf.~Jayden

Dear Santa, How is Mrs. Claus? Dear Santa, I want from you is an xbox 360 with oc blackops game. I want a toy gun for Christmas and some bullets with a trget. I wan a real riendeeer for Christmas. I also want a phone. How is your reindeers? Santa I want to help you feed your reindeer.~Nick

Dear Santa, How is Mrs. Claus. I have done lots of service. How was your summer? How are your reindeer? Are you my friend? I love you. I really liked your present. I have beed really good. I would like a Ipod.~Lindsey

Can I have a Rosurerise? I wont music for my dad. My Grandma wonts thread. My brother want’s lego’s. Love Leif.~Leif

Dear Santa, How is Mrs. Claus and the reindeer? I would like a little cat, but I can’t because I am to them. I love you Santa. Fom Mikalee.~Mikalee

Dar Santa, How is your sleigh? How are the reindeer? My name is Kam.~Kamdyn

Dear Santa, My favorite reindeer is roodof. What did you do for the fall? What did you do for the summer? What I want is a porcelin doll for Christmas. How are yowr elves? Where are you going for your time this winter? Love Emily.~Emily

Dear Santa, I like you Santa. How did your summer dcome out? How the reindeer?~Jaxon

Dear Santa, How are your reindeer? For Christmas I want Sky Landers Swap Force, the most for Christmas. I also want a baby Panda. Merry Christmas.~Bennett

I will leave out Dr. pepper. I want a my life doll. I want a lala loopsey doll. Santa my sister wants sea monkies. Love Lauryn.~Lauryn

Dear Santa, How is Mrs. Claus? How are your reindeer? What I want for Chrismis I an Xbox and I want a 100 dollar bill and a puppy. I want an Ipod that is blue and I want Super lweje u.~Adam

I want a pair of boots? I want ear rings. Santa I want two elves for Christmas. Love Izzy.~Isabel

How was your summer. Was it good or was it bad. Santa bow and arrow. Love Carter.~Carter

I want a chameleon! I want a bay blade toy! I want a robot! I want a toy army, plane. I want a army video game! I think my little brother wants a bat-man toy?~Asher

I want Call of Duty Ghost and a old School Stikers for the Xbox 360 and an old. School. A Broncos controller and Broncos stickers for the Xbox 360 and a surprise and a 50 dollar bill and a puppy and a DSI game. Love Gabe.~Gabe

Dear Santa I helped my dad do the dishes, and my dad name is Kenny. My momns name is Kaylyn. I want a whole set of elves for Christmas.~Kayden

I want a toy gun for Christmis. And some bultet’s with a target. Santa I hope thae you and your family are dling goood. Have a Merry Christmas. Love Brody.~Brody

Dear Santa, I would like a pet cat, I would like a robot to clean my room and make my bed. How are the perfect elves? Love Sage. Merry Christmas.~Sage

AQ Lolo Loopsy and a Cinda Roe Lo Buty Shop thing. How are the Riendeer. Woe getes the Riendeer Rety to fly? Raygan.~Raygan

I have played with my friend. And I really like to play with my friend can I have ponys for Christmas please santa?~Nikky

Dear Santa, I like your sleigh. I helped my mom with the dishes. I want Zanes’s snow mobile ultrasonic radar. Kies motorcyle and jay’s storm glider. Love Landon and one more thing may I have the  goldin ninja?~Landon

Moster High for Christmas, and I want earrings. And I want Frozen Pajamas Ellsa Pajamas. And I want Frozen pillow.~Pyper

Dear Santa, I like your you are nice. How is mrs. Claus, Could you bring me a toy. Could you bring me a big toy. I like you so much. Can you be nice.~Peighton

Dear Santa, I hope you are safe. I want three things. A cardboard house a cortona toy and a Monster high with all girls and a Barbie house that comes with the barbies.~Abryl

Dear Santa I love you. You are nice to me. I want a DS with Mario Brother games, a pet snake with a cage. A robot to clean my room and make my bed. I want an Ipad. A wii with Maddin games all of them. I want my two front teeth out. I want a new football with two field goals in football.~Reagan


East Elementary

Cathy Forner

Dear Santa, Thank you for my presents. This is my list a rc car, legos, and a tablet. How dowes Rudeoffs nose gloe? You are the best! Love Easton~Easton

Dear Santa, Thank you for the toys please bring a helo guy, Huig set, a Chhoots. Are you nice? Merry Chrismas.~Dominic

Dear Santa, I tank you for my presis. Ples bring me a puppy, dall, cat. Whaw is mrs. Clas? I wish you a mary Christmas. Love, Margaret.~Margaret

Dear Santa, Tahnk you for my presents. Please bring my hot wills, and books and pokemon cards. How is rodoith? You are so nice. Love Michael.~Michael

Dear Santa, Thank you for my presin. Please bring presins. How do yoo macke you tos? Mere crismis. Love, Hailee.~Hailee

Dear Santa, Thank you for the Thet that you gav me las yer. I would like a baby doll capr. Wut do you do wen you are dun gowing? Mare Christmas. Love, Taylor.~Taylor

Dear Santa, Thank you for my presins. Please bring me a tablit, and a walchrak, and bmx bike. Haoow do you get to all thos presis to all of boyes and grals? You ro the best. Love, Landen.~Landen

Dear Santa, Thank you four my tooes. Pleas bring me hat wells, Bat man truck. How do you mak the toos? You are reele nis. Love Ian.~Ian

Dear Santa, Thank you for my toys. Please bring me a pupie. Hu is rud of doing? You ar so nise. Love, Tessa.~Tessa

Dear Santa, Thank you fooor my toys. Please bring me toy cars. I wish I had a ras trak. How do yoy mak the toy cars? I wish you a Merey Chrismis! Love, Chris.~Chris

Dear Santa, Thank you for mi toos. Ples bring me a mot chl errapr, p slie bepg, and a motr cchl helacutre. How do you mak it a rod the wrd in one nit? I hop you git hir safly. Love, Porter.~Porter

Dear Santa, Thank you for my prets. Please bring me a bunny, How do you macke the toys? I wesh you a Mery Cresh. Love Braden.~Braden

Dear Santa, Thank you for my presents. Please bring me a dpaney that laks by its self. A bifbet. And a bear. How do you make your toys? Mary Chresmas. Love, Britlie.~Britlie

Dear Santa, I wont a bracelet, bebe gun, dirt bike, legos, xBox 360, Padls, Books, Video games. Thank you for the toys. I love you. Love, Matthew.~Matthew

Dear Santa, Thank you for coming. Please bring me a Barbie doll, a toy trailer, and a Barbie house. Have a Merry Christmas. Love, Sage.~Sage

Dear Santa, Thank you for my presnit Ples bring a Nerf gun, mind craft, and a ifinite game. Do you live in the Norch Pol? Marre Crismis. Love, Kaden.~Kaden

Dear Santa, Thank you for coming. I want a crown. I want a Barbie doll. I want a Mermaid movie. Please have a merry Christmas. How do you make toys? Thank you! Love, Zaylee Robbins.~Zaylee

Dear santa, I like you. Thanks for the toys. I wish for a lap top and a dirt bike. How do you make toys? Have a safe ride. Have a Merry Christmas. Love Sheldon.~Sheldon

Dear Santa, Thank you for my toys. How do you make your slaegh fly? You are nice. I want skates, soccer ball, and a toy Spider. Have a Merry Christmas. Love, Leo.~Leo

Dear Santa, Thank you for the preseit. Please bring me a Halo set, ipod, puppey. How doo you mak your toos? I wish you a mere crismus. Love, Roper.~Roper

Dear Santa, Thank you for the toy. I wad like a bike and a zombey game and a band cakow. Do you have roodof? Merey Crismis. Love Antonio.~Antonio

Dear Santa, Thank you for the toy. Please bring a Baslitmacre. Pleas bring me mane. Please bring me lagos. How do you mace toys? I hoop you hav a mar chrismr. Love, Katja.~Katja

Dear Santa, Thank you fore my toys. Please bring me muny. And Borbes and uew stompeese. Wut do your toos look like and how do your elvs mak toys? I wish you a maree Chrismus! Love Kyrie.~Kyrie

Dear Santa, Thanc you the tos. Can you bring a bmx bic? Can you bring me cars? Can you bring mr elf tos? You are so nis. Love, Cody.~Cody


West Elementary

Haunani Howell

Santa, I want is a peanoe a vialin and a fone and a laptop and a book and uoonakon and a tv but it neese to be skinny.~Aspen

All I wan for Christmas is a lap top and a fone.~Kaeld

An iepood and a nutnr DS gem and my 2 frunt teth.~Cooper

A tablit a Qdm fon my Ipad I wont a Laptop.~Beau

Ii si spendyg tin with my family and my two frunt teth and opin my presite. And a ipod shufl and haveg b no lofist!~Sophia

I want a my to frant teth and a valin hto its my omi to lwa hta to mins.~Annaliese

I wont a puppy. And a bike and a pode. And a hot tub.~Braxton

I want my teath. I wont a ipod. I want Chalet plenstus. I want a flat screen tv. I want a hot tub. I want a cand cane. I want a puppy to pres.~Aspen

A wunt a fir lego set and spase ball and a skuter and two stumpes that hvr shrp teeth.~Jackson

Plpgrand, stuff animld in sor, puppy , wolit, woch, playn, citty cata, roodolf.~Tavien

Wut I wot for Christmas I pob and beus letter I wot for Christmas is to sben tim wif  my fmamle.~Hope

A wamr bilege and a tedber d pink tedber far Christmas. I love you Santa.~Elizabeth

All I want for Christmas is a Ipad and a fone~Nolan

I wont a ipod. I wont a flat skre even  TV.~Corbyn

Now bike Hello Kitty Helmet.~Brooklyn

I wud like toy. Will sckoodter and some cooking mics and now ejs and pans some books like briabe.~Kallie


West Elementary

Rita Quist

To look at Christmas lights.~Samuel

Turkey dinner and chips.~Jeremiah



West Elementary

Ann Sagers

A ctrr. My dad too be ok. To ried in your slae. Too have my mom be happe. To go to the noth poll. Too have 100 presints. Too see a ellf. Too have moor snow. Too se SantKlos. I with you a mere chismsi and a happe now  yir. From, Addison.~Addison

A Monstr High and a Magnit tree like Mrs. Sagers tree with the deckrasines and I wont to ride in santas slae, and a elf on the shelf, and I wont to ride on his ders and sum Christmas books, and sum new snow boots, and a chrismas note book, with a chrismas pen, and plaetoe and my onw tablit, and poot my present undr my Christmas tree and a slemee, Gamse seedy and a Christmas stuff anumol elf that is big. From Akira Merreey Christmas and I love Santa.~Akira

To see santa. A berbe move. Borbe and the Mr Maed tell. I em lifing santa a jinjr bred haws. Sum jo ire. I want a yae pad. Thank you from, Trinity.~Trinity

A monster High Doll. Then a dollhows. A toy horse. From, Anahi Happy Holiday Santa.~Anahi

Spigere end a pawrwil bad osre end a moc chrl erplane end a twae chansoe end then I wud lick to rid in the sla. From, Dylan. Thanck you Sata.~Dylan

All I want for Christmas is you. And a toy Rashscytr and some clos to. And some shos to. And pladow to. Bordgam to. And a doll And a stuff anamol to. I want a move to. A sede playn to. Woch to. Some jrle to. And a flashlit to. Some scol things to play with. A ausol to. A Dohl hose. Some lgos to. And a glob to. And a blankit And I love you to. From, Emryee.~Emryee

To rid in your sled. Prinsess Twilit Sprcl. A toy Rudolf at the nosz glos. A prinsess Lona that can chanj into Nitmirmoon. A toy computer tht cums with a mows. Arell achfigurs. A repasl a blalrena sot. Marey Chrismas, From, Lexi~Lexi

Despecabal me2 luchbox, Despecabal me2 the movie, lego cragger’s of chima crocadiol ship, Angry Bird toons the movie, The chiolds of Naina the lion wich and the wodrob, Alven and the cimucs the ship rect, Toy elf just like elfe, Fold-open-sofa, Book santas stuck. I’ev got you a presnt for you. From, Jaxon.~Jaxon

A gree hrarsfrmr all I want for christmasey is to liv with you. An ride I licke your randir. I want sled nd. I will giv a chret to you. Lick the spehl rndir roodof. I want my family to be good. Tack you santa . I lick rootof. From, Jared.~Jared

I want a big doll hows and a tv. I want a ride on your sled and a pet rane dier. I want a now born baby puppy and a big crismiss tree. Can you bring my tiny boy bak. Mery crimss. Thank you Santa.  From Alex.~Alexandria

A barebe. And A roodof toy. And a Santa toy. And a sled. And a stuft line. And a stuft dog. And a big stuft snow man. And a 100 Chrismas books and so my family is happy. And so my family can pet roodof the red nose radeare. From: Kaylee to: Santa. Merry Christmas Santa.~Kaylee

To rid a rangdr. A brb. Ym mom. Ym dad. A hewow. A dog. A cat. A hors. A ber. A bonos. A gam. A fon. From, Leila. Mere cresm.~Leila

A esy bake oven. Hang dawn irings. A dog neklis. A I pod. A doll. A joolry box. Iv ben good A stuft anumul. A makeup kit. A kitten. A ring. Some clows. To rid in your slay. Some one drecshn clows. From, Alayna. I love you.~Alayna

Is wut I wunt for chrimsis a toy randir and a new flat and a new good tor and a new toy box and a new toy rodof the red nos rander and a toy randers with a for slad that the randir plet the sled with a fins. From, Wyatt.~Wyatt

An erhog. And a toy cry that wrks as big that even even I could siit in it. And I bn good. And some elf Klos. And a toy hows that I can fit I n. Allso an skootr that gos by its sef. Even a T.V. and that’s it. And the plstshin gam starwars Good luck by eivring presents. Mere crismis. From, Liam.~William

I Want to liv with  you. I wut a pro scotr and prpl brg and a pet rabit I em goin to cu ces for you I wut rader alrs I wut bag mrtin grse I wut a krestl. From, Havyn.~Havyn

To rade in you sled. A DS and games for it. Books for Chrismitimas. A mikup kit. A tran set for my brothers. A fram for my mom. A tool set for my dad. A new mikup kase for my Ante. Thank you Santa from, Charity. I’m thanking you for bing kind to us.~Charity

Stor wros lagos. And some blad blads. And some of my own fdg. And my own wach. And for my blude nose to stop. Thack you will you be ok? From, Jerimiah.~Jeremiah

A Q-bumase. Shoo. A happy family. To be gud in school. To know what to do. To see your ranedear. To see your slae. To get presnts. Thac you. From, Carson.~Carson

A viuline for Christmas and a pere of pans and santa to pol my toth owt for Christmas and you to clene my rom for Christmas. I was vere good for Christmas and I want to see you same day. I want you to teech me how to read. I want a cat for Christmas and I want you to giv me a hug for Christmas. And I want you to giv me a new batterfly tres for Christmas. Have a merry Christmas. From, Lilian.~Lilian


Saint Marguerite Catholic School

Christine Nielsen

A rill snowzer dog that is going to be little for ever. And I have been good at school. I’m trying to be good at home and have been changing my ways. Thank you for comeing to are school. I will leave a snack for you. And ecstra cookys. Merry Christmas.~Hailey

I want a fake dog and a fake monkey and some Batman legos. I h ope you like the choclt chip cookes. I’ve been good. I am tring to follow Jesus by treating my friends with restect. Merry crisams and happy btday to Jesus.~Jude

A Zane Barbie, Furbby, unicorn, stuffy. I want to change my bad ways. Every night I give you snowball cookies and milk. I’m working on being less stubborn.~Emma

I want a white Ferbe, and I want a two girl stroller. Iv’e bin good Iv’e bin a good friend.~Sarah

A compewter, and Lego Hero facteray. I changed my ways becus my mom and dad gave me a dog. I want to see your reindeers. We’r leaning about advent wreths. I am excited for Chrismas.~Alan

A new bible for kids so I can read and learn. I want a new stuffed mokoy and a new Superman and a new stuffed dog. I bin good all year. I also wont a new DS.~Parker C

An Xbox with Mincraft and an ipod with a red case. I also want a 3DS with Moreao. I want a Broncos jersey 18 and a Broncos jersey 83. I have ben good. We lernd about you on St. Nicklas Day. Thank you for giving poor kids presents.~Parker D

An Air Hog halikopter with a remote control, sooper hero legos I wat a big stuf toy and 3DS. Mario game with 3DS. I’m sorry for braking my kraons and not doing my shool work.~Kaden

A Barbie and a bible to read. And apet cat. I have been good at school and at home. Please help those that dont have enythang. Help those that are sick and hrt. Help me with math and science.~Sophia

A real phone that works and sky lander 3DS and a sky lander swap force. Im sory for being meen. I will wrk hard Artie.~Artie

I want a Lego marvl Super hero video game for Xbox 360 and a Xbox 360 and a wiiu. I want a DS, I want a Thor and an Ipod. I have bin good so will you breyg me all this stuff for me? On Christmas, we remember Jesus Birthday. I want a patin manning jurzy nuder 18 also.~Robert

DS with Mario video gams, Super heros leogos, a seapet and stuffy. I would like a pictre with Rudolph the red nose riandear. I also am hoping for Chima legos, and a boy puppy. I’ve been a good boy this year.~Franklin

A Super Mareo and a picher of you and I will put milk and some cookies out. I think you are the best. From Tyler.~Tyler


Copper Canyon Elementary

Christina Wilmot

I would like a bike.  I would like a new skooter. I would like a new boby doll.~Adria

A little puppu, a butterfly, necklaces and earings caz  I am on the good list and I am nis to Maekel. ~Saira

Dear Santa, How are you doing at the North Pol?  Be cas I wont a bike and a DS and a chrapling too.  That’s all I won’t too.~Adrianne

I wob like a puppy, I would like an Ipod.~Maekel

A doll, Ipod touch, earrings a baby horse and some hier tise. Santa are your elfs real? I like when I am on the good list.  I am helpin Kohl learn his swons and adcs and rideng my bike becaus he doud not no how to do it.~Tabitha

A flashlite firend. A 5 monster high set, a monter high hous, a stupt animal puppy and a kiddy cat and a teddy bear.  How do you get to every hous in one nite?~Kestin

What I want for Christmas is a bike and a happy Christmas and a dog and a Cindle Fire.  And I on the doty lint?  I am Forest.~Forest

For Christmas I would like a cat and a phone and a bike, new dress necklace and barbie doll. Love~Avery

Iphone 4S, a TV, a raserr skoostr, a lap top, a gam boy mushene, a play hows, makeup, a baby pupy, a Jasten Bever bike and posters.  A face doll. You can make athr thins for me.  It dasint matr.~Loren

10 puppes, 16 ponys, a horse bike, a big sprise and a horsey bedroom.  How bo you beliver all those presens in on night.  I live on baets canyon roab.~Sunny

I woub like a Ipobe, I woub like a ktar.  I woub like shoes weth weise and a touy doll.  Wut do you like to do?  I like apye weth my sestr.~Madison

Ipade, sklandrs, lagos, kendol fire hd and chrismis bok.~Fredrick

My to phrt teeth and an anakintatats changes in to Darthvader and a helicopter and a skylander swatfire anda kindle and an ipod.~Joshua

I want a sinpreratres fout Krismis and a borbey.~DanyElle

I wunt a lot of toys, Legos and a phone.~Jason

Small puppes, foot ball, Utah Pelo Pet, Ipod anninia.~Grady

Can I have a lote of sitanbrsswop.~Caige

I wot Ipot, a dog and Skilanndar.~Jordan

I will lic a black ops suit and biolckopss and ipade.~Teagan


Copper Canyon Elementary

Patti Muir

A fone and a I-pad and a I-pad too and a unicukorn and the holl monstr hi school and can I have your deer roodof too.  I love Chris-mis o.k.~Kallista

To spend time with my family and my friends and I wish I can have make-up and I wish  I can have joorley.~Searsha

A cnekt rolrkostr and a tablot and a leepstr.~Austin

I wot is for my fanily to be able to get some thing.  I go to bed fere.~Alisha

Thak you for the remat ketral. I want a wrma coat.~Caleb

An x-box and the Seex WII 4.~Heeth

A bitty baby and a Barbie and a Barbie house and more surprizes!~Kenzie

A fack sheep becus the thay look cute like the sun and I wot a rodof becus I like him so much and a cop.  I love Christmis.~Meg

A polic car and a xbox and a batman car and abat man casle too and a raindeer with Santa and a sled and a remot control robot and a remot control dinosor too.~Stasser

A Borbea and a Borbea hows and a xbox and rodoff the red nose raneder.~Rowan

I will like a thash Pakes and I will like hoho speed and will like air hogs.~Jacob

A Barbie jeep and mirror an a monster high dall.~Ashley

Ezebak avin and a miyin and a ipap and a ifon and a mostr hi kin and brbe home.~Miriam

A moster high dolls.  I ben rilea good to my mom and dad and I want to git a phone and I was wantateen for a phone.~Kimmy

A nin ja tuttle lair.~Vance

A really cool robot that shoe fak lossrs.~Kiel

A borbea and a borbea hows Rudolph baebie jeep. ~Aeril

All I wat is a Ipod5.  Oh ps I am triing to be good.  Lets gt back to the presents.  I want a rily nise truch jeep that kids can ride and a BYU dlankit and a wall track kash and a hocky staff and a football staff helmit, pads and pants. Nike shoos rily nise wants and a xbox 360 and 2 ckunchies.~Hudson

Angy birds, star wars, 2 telepods, skihlinders, swep-forse for the WII u, the Wiiu, Mario pronso set, super Mario cooh box, packman and the ghostly adventure.  Mario 3d for the WIIU.  Super Mario for WII.  Bethrubored. 3 WIIU cintulers.~Juahantonio

Bayb live and thank you for my toys las Ckrismis  XOXOXOXOXOXOXO and a goolry box.  I love you Santa. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO and skats.~Bela


Copper Canyon Elementary

Alexandra Marquard

A tablit and wocee-tocees.  Thanks a lot. Love~Jaxyn

I love a little car and a rainbow or a monstr truck and a scool toy.~Juan

A bowe and a baby doll.  To you, You are the best man.  Thank you.~Zada

A green lantern toy with a car.  And a tablet too!  And a bone eroe, and a DS with a Skylanders game too.  And the Star Wars moves.  Have a vere good Chrutmas! Your friend~Ben.

I would love it you would bring me a clb pangin membr ship and a polepocit could I have rupusl and arel and merida and cinrrela.  Thats all. Thanks~Kaiya

A polly pocet set and a Barbie life in the dream house set with a pricess dress and a electric scooter.  Thanks!  You are the best.~Jackie

A 4 in 1 multiset and a toy bow and errow.~Cooper

I want to see you for Crismeis.~Lillian

A tablir and cooke makre and a dog boots babehouse, Marley books hospital toys and a bacpac.~Zaira

A peano and a bow and erow.  I love you.~Chantal

A tablit and a rele baby car and a cat brush and a elechtrk skoodr.  A purople one.  I love you Santa.  I howp you have a good Chritmas.~Love Brooke

Bee catcher, a mokey friend, cool shirt, cool pants prinsses book that has all the prinssesis and a bow and arro.~Ellie

I want a bowin arrow, ala loopsy loope hair, cotincandy machine, snowball machine, volin, elecrik scooter, camoflosh stuff, Zombie stuff, baskit ball stuff.  So santa can you please get me that stuff.~Madyson

A cat and a white dres with a gooldin flawr. Thaks Santa you are the best man in the hole whid whrld.~Kaylee

A Barbie and a puppy, ipap too, even a bslin set for me and my sistier.~Kristine

A DS.  That is my drem.  Thanks mistr Santa Klos and a flash lit frend and a fone that is my drem.  Thanks a lot and alive hastr.~Brooklyn

A truck and a car and a ir piane and a gun with a stikee bullit. I love you.~Terron

Lego frense and that is ole and I think you are the best man in the world.~Hayden

A Hamstr pilo pet and a bone ero and a pupy and hampstr and a mose.  I love you!~Nathan

A bowling set please and a new lego batman Wiee game and thanks Santa. ~ Jayden

Lego scooter a fon a snalf.  I love you!~Jacob

A table and a sorehere a hoktoy and a skyldr Wii.~Tyler

Mered Vs Sonic. Skyladers swop fors. A spy belt, 2 pers boxing glufs, tomy stufers, spy gogk, legos lots of spy gere. Holdy pack.  I love you.~Griffen


Dugway Elementary

Joann McCleskey

Any toy that has a switch and sings songs and lights up.  It might be fun if it moves a lot too.  I would also like a giant stuffed bear that I can snuggle with.  I’m learning to walk so it might be nice to get some new shoes too.  I really like to bite keys so I think I would like my own set of keys too.  Also Santa if you could help my mom out and put a dutch door on my room… I’ve figured out how to open door knobs and my baby gate and I get out and make it hard for her to get things done.  Thank you Santa.~Jocelyn

I want a remote control space ship.  I want a now remote control car.~Aedan

Easy bake oven. And loet fo Seno.  And I want my little pony bande dolls and I want Monstr haiy dolls and spelling and mathematics and puslls.  I hope you do mror.~Meredith

I wont lagos and toy plans toy cars and stuff.~Alex

I like mivacuumplis a beayhfyl make up kit a lips hick eyebrew finger nail polish.~Brianna

All I want for Christmas is a Furby and an a easy bake oven and a jack in a box and a remote cantrol kitten and a vacuum and a doll house and a  monster high.~Phaedra

Der Santa, I wont a toy boinger, o I wont a ril citin.~Curtis

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a watch and I want for Christmas is Skylander Swamp Force.~Tanner

Jack-in-the- Box plelse.  I weill aso I to go re ash jo Hwie Pleise.~Morgan

Skylander Swap Force.  I braw remote control plane that rilly flyse.  A inviseibel stringwhith a toy mouse whashing ten.~Jhayden

I want for Christmas is a jack in the box.  I want for Christmas is sincolu mrekerz.~Aurian

A skylanders swamp force, pokemon.~Lukas

Dear Santa all I want for Christmas is a puppy.  Can you pleas buy me a puppy?   I would also a  skrapaper.  I would also like books that are Christmas.  Can you may me Christmas boots?  I would want snow.  I love Amirica! Last year I celadrat  Christmas.~Felicity

Easy bake and a zoomer and a doll and o cat.~Savannah

Dear Santa.  All I want for Christmas is Easy Bake oven.  WII, cup cake mix cake mix, cookie mix pans sugar to put in the mixes.~Natasha

A ningu trtu, rmote kunchtl tush and the action fgrs.~Aaron

For Christmas I what a pallw pet.  For Christmas I what a Monster High, For Christmas I what the new juts dace.  For Christmas I what a pet cat Toey.  For Christmas I what a pet dog toey, for Christmas I what a toey dolle.~Allison


Northlake Elementary

Jennifer Willis

A x-box I and a shogun and a hot wes cars and a hotwwels mostr chruk and chruk and a chrak.~Eduardo

A nerf gun and an xbox360 or an xbox one and my hose saddle and a snow boots and farm toys.~Jace

A sage panets the sgiye dolo and a maching autfi and maching jamis.~Zrayla

I have been good.  I would like a cowboy hat and pupey and a bolls and hrsis and goo at graxne and a tak box and with goat chane sand track and horstrains and cat and trucks an wangun and that is it.~Landon

Msttrtliy dol and a cant and ipd and a dog and a stuff awl and a DS and msttnhi has and a mac braits and a butrfly for a pet.~Justeena

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is wow BeBac.~Annette

A three little peps and a Monster high 13 wish doll.~Alondra

A tek recon gun a bike and a x-box 1.  Thank you.  I love you Santa.~Tyson

DS, nefgn, bik gam, badres.~Brayden

I wish for a sid toy and a dog and fake muny.~Sara

Epane and a cor and nrfgun and a stuft awil.~Ryan

I have been good.  I would like a Monster High Bike.  Love~Raquel

Mostr Hiy bol and i bin great. Ra a pes 4 and cas.  And a fon whith a black ckas. Love~Kiley

A dog rodot cemenstre remote canchrl car. Green mashing pajamas.~Taylor

Munstr hi hous.  A little helukopter little dandere owl.~Gracie

I have been good. I wont a skilander gayd.~Jayden

Mostll hibl.~Sophia

I been good.  All I wot Christmas is Monster Hig dollhous.~Tatyana


Northlake Elementary

Janene Craig

A dog and a new baby sister or a baby bruthre.  I like Chismis whith my famly. Love~Nicole

A lego set of lone tanger and a elchric scooter and a lego ironman set.  Gred woze tha makes a funne noise. I wunt the lego set of lone ranger beacuz of he is my facenit guy and the rangen his my facerit guy too.~Brennan

Clos and toys and bun and siminsoot and i-pad Santa.  I have bin grood.~Araya

A x-box and  ipod and a amercn girl dol and a fon.  Love~Brooklyn

I wunt spidrman sheddrshekus and I wont a beurante and wolit too.~Connor

Dear Santa, I wont a lago set and a dinosaur.~Love Carson

Plez breg me a skatbard bekaz Iv bin good.~Mathew

Dear Santa, I wont per of drums. Haw is Roudef?  Love~Kayden

I have bin good.  Can you beg prezints this yer? Plez, I doo my chars.  Love~Grace

Dear Santa, I have been good for my mom.  Plese bring me a set of Monster High dolls.  Love~Alessa

Dear Satn,a A ipod. How do you get down a little chime.  How do you make your randeer fly?  Love~Jack

A gril lego set.  I want it bcuses I want  to play with.  And ya I have been good. And I know you will come to my house.  Love~Jennilyn

Der Santa.  I wot a tea set.  Do you haf radir on rodof?  Love~Elizabeth

I wont a Xbox and a lagos and I ipad. Love~Tony


Northlake Elementary

Judy Anderson

A pir of hihels and a toe dogs and and olso tooeing and poopen Bob doll.~Alyson

Can I ride on rodof and can I ride on yor slaye and I wihe you a merre  Chrismis and can I get stompes and take ker.~Samantha

Make-up and birbes and tablit and a CD, a pink chessdas , a rile life dog, a memade dress and nice friends and a nice famllie. Can I go on you slihe.~Sabrina

Make-up and birbes and a tablit, nook fone. Mrmade troy kit kite.  Troy hat with boos, troy car.~Ohtessa

A ulaskin hske a fod bag for my ulaskin hske, and a fod dich for my ulaskin hske.~Landon

I want a spy car and a plasicke car.  Sfty anaml  and a flag.~Zane

A sonic scrovriivore and a toy randeer. Eneykin and nija totol. Can I ride a randeer.  I hope you have a merry Christmas and a toy sheep. Have a fun time. And a neclis for my mom.  Have a grat Christmas.~Caleb

A piano and a bike and a fake jeep.  And a makep set that has all makeup in it and w a coloring set with markers and and brushis and a emtey bug caletchan for buterflis and caupelers and spiders too.~MariaI like to go to the mal we can see zanta.~Monzerot

A staftana mr rodot.  Am I on the notelist or the good list.  I want to see rodof.  I love you and Rodof.  I l-o-v-e you!  Love~Sidney

Legos, Harry Potter.  Please make sure.  Lic to rid in.~Joshua

I whoont a tablit and a fon.  I wehat a skabod and a bike and a plane.  I whunt a lago set.  I whont a hol bag of kande. I whont a hol set of the transformers.  All I whont is a baby cat.  I while whunt a rmotkntro helkotr.  I ma bwhont a peao! Plese. ~ Ethan

To ride in your slae.  And rid on roodof.  And I whont you to bren me a balck WII-U.  And I whont the txxa free videyo – games.  And I’m gowento leve you some cooces.  What are you goento leve me?  Am I on the not e list? Ure am I on the nise list.  What are you get en your self…~Atticus

A fake lammbrgyny, make the lammbrgyny purple.  Wake me up so I can see the raiddear pleas.  Can I ride roodohf?  I wish you a mary Chrtmas and also your raiddear and Mrs. Clas.  What are you going to get your self?  What are you going to the the raindear and what are you going to get Mrs. Clas? Pleas get me a husky puppy.~Isis

Santa for Krismis I wote a ribe on robof and a helcotr.  I hope you hav a fun Crismis and hope my famle gets to go to the nos ple.  I live you Santa and Mis. Cose.  I live Crismis.  I hope Crismis herre is.  I hope I’s good birthday.~Armando

A tablit and to ride on your slaye and lago set and a bike.  Dear Santa I love you.~Bridger

A claye set and to ride on broodof the red nose rander.  Mak chr you eat mi cookes and milk.  I ose wont a song uv One Drechin.~Yesenia


Grantsville Elementary

Marla Atkinson

A dirt bike.I wont a new ds game, I wont a happy family. Thank you~Zeke

A bird. i wont a book to. all so i wont a black dog. I`ll give you cookes Thank you~Zoey.

A resleng set. i wont a fretruk thank you~Johnttess

A baherina, i wont a video jam. for chistmas I wont to be good. thank you~Serenity.

A wiiu and just a suprize from you. I also want a new bad kitty book. please keep my grandma and grandpa safe. thank you~Aidan

A remu cuch car. I want for crismas some super herds. i want my family to get back to gethr at cimismas. thank you~Kalel

A playdoe ice cream maker i want a real minny uvin to bakes cakes and stuff in. i want  American girl doll. please ceep my dad safe in the air force . thank you~Cecily

A barbe. i wotn to be a good friend. i watn neclist for crismis. I wont a ds game. Thank you~Sariah

A Amereicin girl. I want clos for my doll. I want a puppy. Most of all I want to be a good friend. Thank you~Reagn.

A wiiu  I wany a ds3 with pokemon x and y. iwant a water gun. I want my grandma to be safe in heven. Thank you~Caleb

A barbe. I want a monstr hiv girl. I also want a prinses but most of all i want to help famles Thank you~Morgan

A barbie i want some baribe closei want disney infinity. please keep my familly safe. Thank you~Hallee

A remot cun truck i wont a toe drt bike. ples help bring my dad back. Thankyou~Kanxon

A mote Controll helcopter i whont one of those helocopter that you was your bode. i whont to help others. Thank you~Landon

A lockit necklace i want a Amereician girl doll and clows for my doll i also want some sparcaly boots just for me. i want  to be nice to echother. Thank you~Miralise

A rel rabbit i want a play kichin how a bout a ipod! i will be a hise frend. Thank you Love~Allie

Sume tall shoes. i want to have a ipad i wont  barby I wont i wont good friend. Thank you lave~Eliza


Grantsville Elementary

Keely Sohler

I want a most hary dall and prfyorm and macup and pahss and my own desk and pjamus  and a flat laptop and bod game and boss.~Keilani

Macap and a Ipod and a bobdoll and a margldol! Love~Julian

I want a mekdol and a ipop and idod. Love~Destiney

A Americana girl  doll and ipod. Love~Lauren

A bairbe jeep and a esybake oven and lagofrenis and a beenbagchair and a sant a toy. Love~Savanah

I want for christmas is a slonu doll. Love~Brenna

I want a Amaracan girl doll with icescats and clos and i want icescates and clos. Love~Paige

All i wut fr christams si 2des.~Canyon

A ds and a bike Luve~Bryson

I want a casl legos! Thank you~Jonathan

A mene Ipad. Love~Noah

A monstr hiah brbe a bike a ipad and some candy a logoser gril and a have pan. a horse. and campyotr. Thank you~Kate

a mine ipad I wont lagos i wont  a book i wont a ti ball. i wont a campyotr. Thank you~Cooper

A Monster High doll and i pod  kindle fire and a  calinder and a new scanpe and ice cats and a pool and a big doll hous. Thank you~Zaycie

I whnt a little hors and a gram and a rell hors and a ipad and a pikll. Thank you love~Elise

A kindlfir a ds a bike a dremhaws. Love~Dayzia

A ds and a troop helmelt.~Dillon

A cowboy.~Cody

A mostr hide hiskul and thats it. love~Nevaeh


Grantsville Elementary

Lorie Singer

Toys and joy Love~Carson

I wont a Tablit and i wont a razre crazeecort and i wont a ds and makup and a flash lite frenol. Love and i wish youwr mere kenadep christmas.~Kenadee

A bod. I Love~Paige

A Calndr a badree for my woch athowzin dolrs and a puppy and a wit bord and sum mockers. Love~Bailey

Sister and a pony and a  baby kitten and ipad.~Alayhn

A dolhaws a wach a fon my on desc a kichin Love~Prezlee

Abona arow a ril one pink.~Kenden

A scilandrs and a monstreck and a want cklt neleeptr Frim~Marek

A kendole Fire a now dret bike a kanchot helakptre a xbox 3 a ferke ode perinste a pet chrix all i want for crisms is my to frunt teeth.~Hank

A cracr rc db Ipod.~Ryker

Toy and wundr Joe for all the keds and ds and skilandrs. Love~Jackson

A boinero with rows the book 5 in the borck. ipod tuck with cunchree ipad Love~Tryson

I wot a ds game.~Quintan

A bhals kiml Love~Lorala

A jop for my dad! Love~Emma.

xbox Mjick dog ipad. Fram~Gage

A 3.d.s olnd a booineroe.Love~Jarom

For you to kumto tocon.~Addisow

a pla techr set. pracktis  bad gil set. Love~Bella


I want you most.~Mark


Grantsville Elementary

Kiera Loakes

A happy family. I also want a now bike, my bike has a hol in the tire. I also wont two owtside dolhowsses.~Abby

A 3DS. Love~Jaydon

I want a iPad and a scooter. Love~Carson

A 3DS and a tablet. And a 3ds game. And a peyter. And a iPod. Love Kaitlin

A Mind craft creeper. Love~Corbin

Kits. Jewlery. Love~Kyndi

Ipad and I want a stocken fol of sour pach. Love~Andrew

A Fanise vanite & play mackua & a kute drec. Love~Kalissa.

A Mackena American girl doll. Some American girl cloes and some American girl doll shoes and a American girl doll hous, an American girl saddle, American girl doll Boceeni. Love~Shae

Dear Samta all I want for Christmas is Splbrman. Love, Kanyon

A DJ for kids. And a doll with a crown. I want a diomond crown. Love, Morgan

A ball and a dog and a gril dog. Love~Leaha

I want a sled. Love~Eli

I love Chrismas her is a hapey not Santa. This~Travis.

I wot a jolare box and colarep and macup. From~Aurora.

Dear Santa I wont a DS and a Wii game and a remot canchrl car and a tadlit. From~Gavin


Grantsville Elementary

Carolyn Pratt

A pooltable, a pow pop bam, a music player, a U Wii, a football, gloves, 2 football tickits, a lot of books, a vollyball, a necles for Graycn a basket ball hoop, a lab set, a new baby, a set of sintst glasses, a sintst book!~ Maddox

A iPad, see thru glassis, snowball making masheen, a cooler brother.~Evan

A flashlight friend, and a ipod, and a strechkin and a baby and some makup and a new Lego friends, a big girl blanket and a lot of books and a real lab set.~Afton

A pogo stic. Frum~Tacoma

All I want is a ipod, crayons, sum brushis and paper, a crown whih dimis, a neklis and lipglos, red ples and makup.~Ryker

DS and cars and iPod and Despicil Me 2. Luv~Barrett

A uouckornn thet is a stuft anumull and a rill anumull thet is a cat and a rill anumull thet is a dog. Luve~Isabel

Thoes little glass anamoles and pokemon and 3DSxl and pokemon X and dimind rings and a chewwowa, Love~Marisa.

A pich fram, neklis. Love~Malia

My eres persed and a DS and food and I love you Santa. Love~Sarah

A movie Despicil theme and a drees. From~Andriann

A Zoomr. From~Raigen

A princess. A ipod. Ifun. DES. Love~Brynlee

Scilandrs, iPod, rescubot, DS, Ninju. Frum~Dawson

Ipod and a Rmotcintrl car. From~Tyse.

A Brarby jeep and iPob and a brar and a DS and a phon. Frum~Kyleigh.

A Batman frum~Benjamin

A bear love~Dorothy


Stansbury Park Elementary

Robert Carter

A brbie hous and a brbiecar with some brbres a big hrshee choclit bar and to packs of gam a mine laptop with gams some cadee some sisrs with papre and some gloo stiks a tetbr aveecasan to disnee land a jar of pikls amd some strobrees.~Shy

A cindlfir and a soke of candey and a jumprope andjust dance 5. a puppy and a book one fish to fish three fish and some beefstiks and you.~Brittany

Staft cat humelle and a shavel amd a elechrek scooter and a cat costame and a minee moter sicele.~Deryck

Vensmcfly trape and my own chistams tree and my own book and mt own pet fish my own hello kitty makup and my own tree and own naelpalllish your firenj~Sadie

jump rop and a dall a barkermaker a holder for my book a scooter a bike a stuff olnmil and some fish a game box and a bord and aril compootrezer and some games.My name is~Ava

All i want for christms is a pony a barby  and a nuy soe. a stogolg fo uv, nuy bib a pet and chiq to dile.~Kinsley

A smelee dog with a small sqeeeee toy, balls a fox toy, small dalls a toy snacke.~Haylee

A want a nisago legs sett a robote toy can soot plasit snake. an eye fon, eye pad.~Ethanr

A lolobook and a stuftanuml rander.a pet dog pet cat a oul.~Addi

A ds and a phol of a big sake a fish and a bat man and had ki. new shosand sippider.~Jpuse

A cat,a stocking full of toys some linck-in-logs,ub sponge, wall track. skylanders an xbox 360 wiiu 3ds.~Xander

Uunap rop rolnd sall car bid to.~Anna

A loow bike and a mory same on the ds and a a too tool set.~Ethan S.

Starwars lego sets and a toy sourd and a halment and a anew bike and a new back ack.~Nate

New ereose and a shoos that haw  a christmas tree.~Dillon

A ds and a  mote cunterle hekcopter, a bord game. lago and books.~Erik

A wii u and a super moroo 3d and 1000 bucks.~Jack

A borbey and majstey and nowsnow glod.~Madison

A ipade full of gamse and fone for christmas and a dog and a www game. snake sand box.~Eric

A jump rope and a firturck.~Daniel

a camru.~Daisy

A big christams tree.~Aldan


Stansbury Park Elementary

Kelly Wendt

A real cat if it dont claws me. i also want a robot tool.~Eljah

A new batlship a scobydo movey i need a new shirt. Thank you~Jordan

A real elf on the shelp if it comes with the book. and a bow arrow. than you~Benjamin

Sam golldin iceskates. i need a coat with purple horts. red lipstick and chrapsitck. spoorkle shoos. THank you Love~Emerie

A coat a lego set i need a new snow boots. Thank you~Elliott

A barbie camper that is tall and pink. I also want americkin doll shose and clos. i need a sckurf. Thank you Love~Avery

A fake phone and a fake dog. I need  new preh of sholls. Thank you~Kennedie

I want the monster high doll and a shiney Ipod. Thank you~Camila

I love you santa I want a new MEtal coat I wont a metal Boods.~Jesse

A shiney Iypood.vasalen for my lips a monster hiydoll. Love~Sadie

A rad truck snow pants a fake cat a fake dog a fake poheey a snow boots. Thank you~Tanner

A pink spporcly coat  sum pridy boos a mercin dole a tablit a maxy dress.~Kyli

iwant a goldin coat  a silver boots and a goldin ds and snow pants. Love~Nicholas

Skylanders gints and a stretosship and a mikey tran set.~Noah E

American girl doll things. i need some lotion for my  dry scin. some vasleen for mt dry lips. Thank you~Sophie

A monster high doll.~Rachel

An art set and all i want is that my family will git what thay want! Thank you Love~Kenzie

A frbe blue I weed losin for my hards. also i need lipgos. Please thak you Love~Allie

Snow boots that are blue and a snow board. Thank you~Grady

One thing i wnt is my family to get what thay want i need new snow boots and pance.~Coulyten


Stansbury Park Elementary

ReNae Heaton

Lago fish bik lago table ball sweens.~Ryanh

Ramboolln bogame jrlee ueeres emgrbrsset.~Sapha

Barbe and doll i want a bag for christmas if you can culr.~Chloe

A brtbik I want loopesisav ald.~Canyon

A monster truk golden echeaver dog.~Canter

My livel doll elf on the shelff a red santahat i wont a bell.~Zoey

A brby doll and now cop and now tooth brosh.~Ella

A sky lander game some skylanders a polr aspres tran a new bike my own i came to dig dig dig dig disk.~Spencer

Singing elsa doll. singing anna doll a kittin, kittin cage, kittin food, kittin toys, kittin boles and an i pad and ipod.~KC

Car zome game.~Trkee

A lepe pad with sum games, i want sum hugs and sum kississ and i want sum onein tipes of cande.~Marshall

Army tank army men toys.~JoJo

The ethr driseis that i dont have.~Oakley

a ds, maching bjamos for me and my a merkin giredoll, cloding.~Isabella

A kidr fire and fingr hail polish.~Molly

man hllimet and toys lazre and hand lago, gun, kndl fiyr.~Daemon

Leos barbe, tent, flashit, barb dall.~Jillian

A tablit.~Tanner

A B.M.X bike an ipod and a xbox and hallo3 for xbox360.~Adam


Almerking doll.~Jordon

My two frant teeth a skatebord floot icecream maer.~Isabel

A hether elf on the shelf nerf gun blits 3 ds case blue please.~Dallon

A bow and arw a helckopdr a dvd plare a mines tv.~Elijah

X wing fiter legose plees legose. fiter legose a noo wii game.~Jaxon

A sled anda snobord.~Mitchel


Stansbury Park Elementary

Kathy Larsen

I wantto ipod and a chronset and a helactr and fon. ilet coopepic at i was.~Brody

I have ben good thank you for the ethings you gave me last yer. frtgun zinkies frbie and i will leave you some cookies and so millk and som jerts for your ranedir.~Maggie

I like the presise las yer i ben a litl trbl but i said unle a lile wut do you wot i want a ipod a spris lots of games. you are the best sata evr i proes i will lebyou cuces. Luve~Cassidy

3ds and a 2ds and 1ds i have pil up jumping lops 3 times plees can i havewut i am acsking for! and 3 sokor balls i pod and rumote cuntrll 2 cars. what is red and green and blue to! a desk.~Trevor

Skylanders swaps force and the skylander i rilly want is Bill drill and i was rilly rilly rilly good! so can you poot me nice list please santa i will leave you cookies and milk.stat you are the best presenit in the world santa.~Kaison

A bathan toy and a batman gam bekus yhe batman gam is caming araond crismals a noow wuring gan and toy and bekus that are so so so cool a hoow bat pack thes feet shoos bekas tha and scate shoos.~Hogan

I want my dox fix i digd. I will leev corits for your radlr and i will leev cookcee for you.~Bradley

I wat a ipod for christmas i wot a elf pn the shelf. I ben good to my mom and dad and I ben good to my bnuthrs to. I made my bruthr a casucla I help my mom do the lomdree I wot sum baskitball shoos.~Xaviah

A cookie Makes oven with frosting and a ever after high doll.  A pupy callinder a relle pupy! Goldinrettever! A neckles rainbow blocks.  A SAPRIS!!  Candy! A new bike and a santa coshtume! The rest sapris! A froot by the foot.~Jadalyn

I wot a flieing badrfiy.  And a marcin dol name saje.  And a move frosin and I wot my fateeth and I wont a noobik dekas I llick plaing with tog I bot presit.~Paige

A monstr high doll and a close baby dol morkn standr.  I want a colring book and about monstr high.  I haled my mom with her leving room.  I want a bike.~Payton

The gun and I will let you have some kukes and thanke for the stuff laste yeer. Thake you and thake you and the elf on stelf.~Dallin

A new bike.  Moves, I am legin, and pceific rim.  I promis to give you som coces and acuchi truck.~Bowen

A make up kit.  How are  your ranedeer.  Are that well fed are they rety to fly?  If their rety to fly then good.  I have den good but a litl bit of noty but im sory.  Im going to leev you som coocys.~Meg

A ifon and a fon and a reemot trck and sliprs and shoos.  I am gevn you cookes and mellc and I got mrs Larsen samthing .  I beed goob.~Paxton

A lego ranecor set and a cook fone and sliprs too and a legot cragrset.  I ben very to.~Noah

Skiladrs, dishe afidi, sm blades, nrf gus, bike nucuko cus I hip my fend and pet. ~Mikha

A ifone and somn mthejs and a sled a gton and bic rmcichrow jetscey and I bin verey gud and a book about santa.~Ezra

A big life in the dream hose for babbie.  My mom say you shopping for food at Costco.  She took a picture of you.  I will bake cokies for you.  I helped my mom clean her room.  I have den godod.  Mery Cristmas!~Jaeli

Vilite for disneisn fin and Skilondrs swhpfors and my two front tth.  I hope my mom.~Hayden

Nel polhsh and a doll name teoha and mak up.  I been good in my frens haos. ~Kiaora

My two frut teeth and set of nel plish  and a little pelopet and I will leev you a melk and cookies and I wot a candee box.~McKaydee

Potre to c us I wot to see hos mcse it is.  I have bin good and mack up and a new bike.  I hept Hayden with his brocin  foot.~Macie

The zinkie sea coral pack because I have three pack of them and I really really really want more.  I have been kinda good and theres one more thing about the zinkie sea coral pack.  I also like zinkies because there tiny and scishy!  I have helped my little sister before and I promise to give santa cookies and I like santa because he’s fat.~Elle

A fon and candey eye ciynd becus I have nevr plad a fore and I have in and can I hav one elf and will be good on your yeyre and can I have ptshopsand a fish.  Rumote cor and twuntey bags uf chips.~Delaney


Harris Elementary

Julia Forrester

My fafit tex is a cat.~ Kenzie

Wii Lego site, 2 DS, I Pad, Wii Band, Soopr Mreo cd world, desk, peano, clok.~ Aidyn

Wii, 13 Wishes, Monster High game, water slit with a pool.~ Gabby

Dear Santa I whun for Christmas is a tablit and a PS3. Dear Santa all I wunt for Christmas is a Wii U. Dear Santa whut I wunt for Christmas is to see Toty.~ Nitaleah

I want for Christmas is a Mastrtli Hiye How is Jakelorue and Lowgan and a little baby brother and Mastrtli gost, a Barbie and Jrem, a hug hug what fis me. I will you Santa.~ Autumn

My two front teeth and a Barbie dolley, another Monster High Barbie, a Leap Pad, my vere own TV for Christmas. Love, Audrey. P.S. a Mp3 player.

I want some Legos.~ Casen

I want a 3DS and 3DS games and a Wii. I want a DS and DS game, I want a X Box and X box games.~ Johnny

I pad and a Wii and a magic iron and my family. I love you.~Lily

A boy baby doll and all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.~Addy

Dear Santa I want a stuffed fox and a zick.~ Aiden

Dear Santa I want an X box 3.~Wayland

Leap pad 2, toy car, Lego the Hobbit set, Lego Star Wars III, Marker air brush, Zoomer, I pad touch, Lego Harry Potter Year 5-7.~Zane

I what Lego Spidrman with goblin. That is what for Christmas.~Rainier


Harris Elementary

Charlotte Armajo

My own teddy bear, my own teddy bear, gee if I could only have teddy bear, then I could wish you Merry Christmas. I would want more things like my own TV and see Rudolph! And Monster High Dolls. Love~Kara

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is my Disney Infinity, my Disney Infinity. Gee if I could only have my krazy car, Call of Duty, and Fast Fere 6, Xbox 360, Marieo Kit dash two. Then I would wish you Merry Christmas. From~Lucas

My own real turtle. My own real turtle. Then I could wish you Merry Christmas.  Luv~Inri

Batman toy, Robin toy, Mario Cart. Love, Vincent

My own pillow pet, pillow pet! I want a teddy bear! I want a poster bear! Gee if I could have all I want for Christmas then I could wish you merry Christmas. From~Trinity

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is… My own TV, my own TV! And Hallo 2 and a puzzel, and perfume for my mom. What I want for Christmas is the game Call of Duty. Love~Jacob

My own Monster High dolls, my own Monster High dolls, if I could own Monster High Dolls. Then I could Marey Chrismsis.  What a new monster bag. Love Eternity

My own remote car, my own remote car, my own remote car! Gee if I could have my own remote car then I could wish you Merry Christmas!! I would like a Xbox, remote, 10 games. From~Dayton

All I want for Christmas is a real reindeer, a real reindeer, all I want for Christmas is a real reindeer! And maby a pare of mittins! It seems so long sens I had a really really warm coat! Gosh oh gee how happy I’d be if I had a cute puppy and maybe some more barbies. Then I could wish you merry Christmas! I want more things to get my mom more presents. Money!~ Rebecca

My own bycyce. From~Alex

My own remote plane, my own remote plane, gee if I could wish you Merry Christmas.~ Jack

My own remote helicopter my own. From~Adam


Harris Elementary

Laura Sparks

A Barbe labtop and some chocklit kisis pleas. Bie the why, who is rooboff? Love~Vivian

Reindeer All I want.~ Chloe

All I want for Christmas is a little car and a Batman toy and little Reslling Mans. Do you like octopus do you like to swim? Love~Angel

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is a tablet. Oh yes I have a qeshten for you is it cholth? In the north pole is there pole bers? Love~Michylla

Present, elf, sleigh. Love~Casey

I want a motcunculcar and I want a dog. And I want a Kindol HD. And tats all I want.~ Riker

A I pad. Hows your reindeer? Are your elfs working hard? Love, Marisah

Dear Santa all I want for Christmas is a nutcracker. Where are the reindeer? How do the reindeer fley? Love~Logan

Holl La Dat Barbie and all the Monster Highs. And a Barbie car. How das your reindeers fly?? And do you rele need your elfs Santa? And do you have a magc sleigh? Love~Destiny

A Toz truk for Christmas. Wut do you do in the Nowth Pol? Love Mark

Scilanders and gum. Santa is your reindeer well? Santa are you cuning to my hose? The elf is nise. Have you den maceing toys? Love~Joshua

Dear Santa. All I want for Christmis to no how clode is it? I like a doll. Love, Kristen

Monster High boke and doll. Santa how can your reindeer fly? Love~Jaide

Dear Santa All I want for Christmas is a art game for my DS. Santa is it dagre out there in the North Pole.~Jaxton


Middle Canyon Elementary

Peg Achter

Jack-in-the-box, 6 wrestling guys, a new basketbll, a bike, a Nitendio DS, 30 snake guys, one army guy.~Nicholas

I want a kindle and I also want a bicycle and a little bit of candy.~Caitlyn

Monster High dolls and a phone a toy owl, new Lego set, toy Barbie, clure house artset.~Emily

A bunblebee and a Optimus Prime action figure.~Omar

A remote control car, Ipad case, Lego city and an Xbox 360 with Halo and Lego City game for Xbox.~Cameron

A toy gun that comes with two play bulletes.~Kaden

A skateboard, R.C. helichopter, guitar, a drum set.~Tyler

Tow bow, Pokemon carts, Pokemon game.~Jared

Monster High dolls, clothes, shoes, dream light, candy, pupy, nintedo DS~Carol

Trampoline, Xbox 360, new bike, RC car, new scooter and candy.~Jack

Barbie dolls, Monster High dolls, baby alive, One Direction pillows, One Direction head phones, and a cat.~Vallerie

A American girl doll, I-pad 4, Iphone 5, battery operated car, guitar, laptop- hp, big earings, a fishing pole, to go to the north pole, American girl doll sage movie, Barbie dream house, Monster university moveie, bog swimming pool, Kindle Fire hd, Christmas socks, and a Christmas shirt, a big book, a magic wand.~Eilee

Tablet, Barbie, jewelery, necklace, bracelet, lip gloss, lipstick.~Celeste

Dream light, Monster High Dolls, puppy, Nintendo DS, jewelery, pajamas, bed spread.~Alyssa

Remote control car, remote control plan, remote control helcoter, Ipad.~Justin

A remote control racing plane Dusty.~Nick

I would like it if you got me walkie talkies, Legos, trashies, Xdox 360 video game, chess.~Ian

I would like Kindle fire, Nobi 2, Barbie guitar, phone, Barbie computer.~Makaila

A Xbox 360, a Nobi 2, a guitar, an American Girl doll, a camera, an Ipod, a Draculaura Monster High doll, and an art set. Thanks. Hope you bring tese things.~Jazmyne

A Barbie house. Lego friends Legos, an ipad 48G, a trampoline, barbies, dress up, pink and white guitar real.~Braelynn

A guitar, some Monster High Doll, My little ponies, an artset part, a Xbox and a camera.~Hayden

A toy bat, transformer, autobot toy headquarters, and a toy rescue bot. – Russ

A American girl doll. Laptop for family. Love for everyone. Music box. Books.~Megan

An Ipad mini, a new skate board and an X-box 360. I want a new TV in my room. I also want a bow and arrows and the last thing I want is a minecraft short.~Ella

Toy car monster truck, new game.~Liandro

Some jewelery, doll clothes, DS, movies, Ipad, hoola-hoop, candy, a little Christmas tree, a play house.~Mariel


Middle Canyon Elementary

Nancy Crawford

Red Plani car, Doer car, Calendar, Go Math, New book, doll. I Latsing to Mrs Crawford. Love~Sarah

Hot Whelse and a X box 360 and  DS game and a hot whels echaks. Lisining what my mom ses. Love~Jaron

I wot to get a rewol boein eroe and a torgit and a Haloe Lagose. I bin a gud boy dowing giving my buthr got hurt. I gave me a band. Love~Anthony

A Will fone, and ipad, and close, and jacit, and craone box. I cleen home. I do homrcke. I lisin to mom. Love~Kailey

I wat to get all the monster high dolls. I have bene a good girl. Love, Temperance

A stenstls and some candes and a camra and a fish and a Lego bot. I have helpt my sistr and family. Love~Lillian

Skylandrs. I go in klase. Love~Noah N.

I want WWE belts, WWE CM Punk fuguir, WWE Rey Mestereo Mask, WWE Ring,  WWE Kane mask with Black mask. I ben a good boy this yere. Love~Rhett

Wii U, Super Mario 3, the Wii U game $1000. I have been a good boy by listend to my Mom and Dad. Love~Tai

Lgos X2 a gamse. Llove~Cooper

Bike, tablet, jump rope. I hv lestend to my pares. Love~Nina

I want Disney Plans. Love~Marcus

A tummy stufr, and a good pen, and a mystery? Some candy and papr. Love~Brooks.

Stroller, I pod, baby doll, books are grils, Now crayolas, I have been even good because I listnd to my mom and Dad too. So can I get the presents. Love~Jasmine

I want Scay landrs and I was a good boy I did be a good boy in the cass. Love, Logan

Dear Santa I like you and I want a game cold hoke 2 K and I want a Xbox One. Love~Lucas

Xbox one, Battle field 4, Halo 3, Call of Duty Ghosts, Lif or dead. I have been a good boy Love~Noah W

I like I pod. Love~Alfredo

Xbox 360 bckus sumtims I B nis to Collin and git Collin presents just lik me Pls Santa. Love~Brighton.

Xbox. I have ben nice to my brutrs. Battlefiefield ships. I have been nice to my sistr. DS3 I cleened my room. Remote control car I did my job. Super Mario brutrs I did wut I was askt. Love~Caleb

A lalaloopsy named Minty stripes. A cat that has stripes on it. A flater by fery the blue one. A lalaloopsy. A pet for my little lalaloopsyI have lisind to my mom and dad. Love~Lais

100 bucks, Sonic Remote car. I have been nice to my buthr. Love~Javan

I Bin good because I help my mom. Love~Oakley

A noo backpack because I lecen and a noo monstrhi becacse I oba my paronts and a noo par uv pants becacse I folo the ruls in schoo. From~Emma


Middle Canyon Elementary

Laurie Paige

A air soft gane, scarf, a toy for my baby brother, my two frunt tef.~Eli

Monstr high doll, DS, PJ, Jump rope, Ever After high doll, Yellow yo yo, stuffd animal, stuffy, Pilo pet, slinky, Sqiunkes, pet shop.~Aiyana

Legos, DS, cat, cars, ball.~Ben

A 18 inche doll. My litte pony dolls. Barbies. Coliring book. Toy dog. Squinkes.~Alauna

M.E. 3 playr. And a alrm clok and time doll and a umbrella and a kite and a orange and pink watch. Funny doll. Books. That is wat I wont for Chrismas this year.~Kenzington

Lunchbox and clothes, stuffed animals, yarn.~Jukeal

I want for Christmas is a game of ches. Now I want for Christmas is a toy cops. Then I want a game X box 360 diY. Now I want for Christmas is a foolboll pads. I want for Christmas is you is Ms. Paige.~Dylan

Xbox 1 and Mindcraft.~Masen

My to front teeth.~Kohner

Monster crater crat yor on monstr. Tablit. Nat Craker Borbee. Big anmls. Macup. Monster Niy. Dres up set. Mi frens cretr lik Olivea. A scarf. Sled.~Adison

Ever After High Doll. The Wii. DS. Monster High 13 wishes movie. Monster High jump rope. Monster High doll. Eariings. Juillerrey. Monster high Sweet 1600 movie.~Isabelle

A book and a doll and a sled a cat.~Nora

A lunch box, makeup, clothes, in a marakin gril doll, a pet.~Sara

Xbox 1 and Mindcaft, Halo 3 and Halo 2.~Kyler

R-C helicopter, robot, pet scorpion, minecrat.~Refugio

Want Xbox 360, manstr enrgy hat.~Ryan

Cowboy soot and a cop soot.~Johnny

Robot, dees, money, sled.~Enrique

The Christmas Spirit.~Randon

Pol ber, sabr tuth tigr.~Carlos

Xbox, Ego and a DS.~Kaimen

I wont a doll hous. I wont a gotinge gloe pet. A bog. A toy hors.~Ariana

Bike, dog, games, Xbox 360, Play Station, Wii U, phone, sled, TV.~Levi

A toy horse. A toy horse game. I want cowgirl boots for my dool.~Olivia

A toy horse game. A toy gooes. A toy airplane. Pick kite. Jump rope. A toy dog. Umbrella. A toy which.~Hannah

RC Car. Legos.~Matthew


Settlement Canyon Elementary

Ms. Murray

A modr scoodr, a DS, a TV, a bickl, 2 hamstrs, a dog, a cat, a baby hamstr, a dalmashin.~Rachel

A babe and a borbre, and a froson, and a gtor, a borbre that sleeps, a seet, I want a borbe that sings.~Shanice

Mike Rowe Chareir, Xbox, Chrip too Calforny.~Brody

Minecraft Xbox 360 and a happy new year.~Michael

I want is a D.S. and a dog and a robot.~Tysen

A furby, a good Christmas, and a Monster High Barbie, and a kitten, and a pony, and a crystal, and a notebook, and new shoes, and new clothesing, and a D.S., and my two front teeth, and a I pod, and a bike and a X-box.~Kaylee

For my friends two have a good Christmas and a dress and a Nintendo and a tadlet and a kitten and a x-box 360 and a kindle fire and a d.s and a i-phone.~Alivia

A moter skuter, a Cindl Fier, a I-phone, a Monster High Skateing Dolls, A Monster High scools, Monster High evreething, a Justin Beiber, a Blake Sheltin, a scool, a frends, a perents, a love, a toy.~Alyssa

I-pad like my grandma. Mine craft for my mom. I want DSi.~Nevaeh

I want a cooln ov me. I want a rodeot pupy. I want a 3 D.S. I want a broder. I want a rodeot cheker brd mover. I want jirit screen and with it can you make that plys.~Kayden

I want a x-box 360, I want minecraft. I want skylanders. I want skylanders swap force. I want a I-pod. I want a I-pad. I want candy. I wat to go to disnyland. I want my own computer. I want my own pencil box. I want my own pencil sharpener. I want books. I want boyblades. I want paper. I want my own apron. I want a gluestck.~Boston

Ipad. I pob. Pencil sharpener.~Talan

Videeoe gams. Skylanders. X-box 360. A purple phone. My family to be happy.~Landon

A Monster high doll. A dress and sequence silver. Boos. And Helo city a my little pony set. A clars doll house. Dangly earings. A pink crystat necklis. A diamond reeing.~Rori

Skylanders with happy chrigrz and cnboku.  I wot a X-box 360 and a kow gam for DS for my DS. I-pod.~Tobi

My two front teeth. Minecraft. Bike. I-Pod. Tablet. I-phone. Kindle fire. Girlfriend thas super hot dress. X-box 360. Legos.~Shaun

I wont a Kindl Fire. I wont Minekraft. I wish my famlee had a good good Christmas. I wona kitten.~Garrett

Skylanders Swap Force.~Damon

Dress. DS. Dog. Monster high doll. Stuffed animal.~Kamie


D.S. Minecraft, doll, X-box 360, dress.~Sydnee

Noo erings. Noo macup. Hot pjase. Noo neclisis. A tree with littll presins. A choclit orange. I want cande.~Savannah

The whole world could have a good good Christmas. And a dog. And a kitten. Most of all I want my family to have a great Christmas!!! From~Weston

I wont a punching bag and a x-box 360 and Skylanders swop fros and I-Pod and kitten.~Dylan


I Pad and skylanders swap fore. I wish you can have a good Christmas I also want a black furby and mine craft.~Zach

D.S.  I-Pod.~Parker


Settlement Canyon Elementary

Rolanda Root

I want for Christmas is a elf. I want an I Pod. What does the North Pole am I on the naughty list. I want an I Pod. I am your friend Santa. All I want for Christmas is my teeth to fall out. Thank you for all the presents last year. I like your elves I like your reindeer.~Erin

I want for Christmas is an elf. I like your hat. I want an I Pod. What does the North Ploe look like? I want an I phone. Am I on the noty list? I want an I Pod. I am your friend Santa. All I want for Christmas is my teeth to fall out. Thank you for all the presents last year. I lik your elves. I like your reindeer.~Veronica

Thank you for a 3DS, thank you for a Wii U, thank you for a I phone, thank you for a elf, thank you for a toy Grinch, thank you for a hat, thank you for a dollhouse, thank you for all the snow. I like your reindeer. Thank you for toy Ruldolf, thank you for a lagos, thank you for a skylandrs, thank you for a presesents.~JJ

What does the North Pole look likke. I want a elf for Christmas. I want cookies and milk. I want a Monster High. I want a Santa for Crismas. I want a calider for Christmas. I want a ham bug book for Christmas. I want a green egg and ham book.~Anabrie

I want a elf, toy Grinch, Ipod, I like your reindeer and your hat. Thank you~Matthew

I wont for Crismiss a X box and a mindcrafte. I wnt for a fone. I want for Crismisis I you and you.~James

A toy Grinch and do you no I was a good boy. And thank you for all the snow and you will be my best frend. By~Josue

Dear Santa. Doll house. I want an elf. I pod. I like your reindeer.~Reece

A toy Ruldolf, my front teeth. Wot dus ruldolf look like? Do you alwas eat cookies and milk? I like you . Can you take me to the North pole? Wat is it like having elfs. I want an elf.~Jaelynn

A phone, and a iPod. For Christmas could I please have your elf. And a phone. I love you Santa. From~Brylee.

Gold and a Lego.~Damien

I wot a box uv sklilabrsis, and a dol and you fed it yellow fod and it poops and a bos uv nigtrdls.~Nigel

I wont a I pad.~Nate

Santa I want a Pillow Pet and I wunt a elf.~Owen

I want a toy ruldolf and a elf and a Santa and North Pole set and a iPod – I like your reindeer and beard and hat and toy Grinch and kande canes.~Ramie

Have I been a good girl? Santa I want a iPod. I want Legos.~Maddy

I like you Santa because you’re my friend and can you get my a elf and a toy Grinch and a doll I life your reindeer and you beard. Thank you.~Lily

An I phone. What dus the North Pole lok like. I like youer beard and hat. From Erik

I want an elf. How are your reindeer beard. What does the North Pole look like. Have I been a goed girl.~Kodie

A 3DS game that is funny and I want it have taking dog on it.~Dax

Dear Santa, Thank you for all the presents last year. I like your elves. North Pole. I want an elf. I like your reindeer. You for all the snow. Good this year. I phone, dollhouse, toy ruldolf. Have I been good this year.~Ashley

I want an elf. I like your reindeer. What does the North Poe look like.~Jenna

I want a elf for Christmas. I wana evre Lego in the world. A toy Grinch. A tadleit. I want Ruldolf. I want some of your hair on your beard. And that is all.~Rayce

An I pod or a iphone. I wont a nerf gun that comes with darts like Tysens nerf gun.~Kade

I want an ipod. Thak you for all the presents last year. I like your elve. We best frend. I like you.~Reeder

Hat, Toy Grinch, tablit, gecko, gold. Have I been good this year. How do you stand the cold? Is the North Pole cold? I also want a colering book.~Rowan

Dear Santa all I want for Christmas is a Monstr high doll. Thank you for all the presents.~Hannah

3ds dsi All I want for Christmas is my front tooth and a toy machine gun. I have been a good boy. I want a pillow pet and a elf.~Braxton


Settlement Canyon Elementary

Cynthia Rydalch

I would like a baby alive and a lololsy that you can do its her and a play phone and a Justin bieber stuffed animal, ese dake aven.~Audrey

I would like a kindle fire and a X-box 360 and a bb gun, electric toy train.~Ayden

I wont a Xbox One, I wont a kinble fire, I wont a bb gun, I wont a computer, I wont a TV, I wont a sled, I wont a football, I wont a cotton candy, I wont a clock.~Ethan

Polly Pocket Frozen doll, a school dollhouse.~Briana

A dr. kit and a cooking kit and a art kit and some boots.~Teah

I wont a nerf gun Santa please. I wont a fone please.~Braxton

A TV and a nrf gan and a Wii and a mnecat and I wate a toy train.~Dylan

I wold like a toy chany and a Sofi and I wold like makupset, doll, and I wold like god.  And I will like a Jeesins book. And I Fon. I will proomis to be good.~Kaiyenna

I would like a toy cat. Toy and butter.~Allison

I would like WWE toys and a real monst truck and a Jeff Hardy toy.~Jesus

I wish that I hath a Amercin dall mande mkn dall that is wut I wot.~Hailey

American girll doll, weelys, laptop, Iphone, Remote control helicopter, Kindle Fire HD.~Mayli

A gas mask and a Hilo and a remote control tank. From~Joey

I would like a toy horse. I would like a fone. I would like a Hello Kittie keveakie. I would like a Justin Bieber stuft doll. I would like gum. I would like a sistr.~Savanna

Dear Santa all I want for Christmas is a makup set and a Sofia doll.~Alexi

A Kindle, I wot a X-box oan, I wot a BB gun, computer.~Mitchel

Dear Santa I want you and I wont bik.~Ricky

I wold like a Iy pad. I would like binisos. I would cars.~Jeremy

I wuld like an X-box 360 I like Tv.~Ron

I would like ex-box 1 and a I pade and some kadey.~Bridger

Campatr mite be fun. Elf. Hie tops oar cool shoes.~Jade

I would like a kindle fire Hd. Would you like one. And a angry bird.~Logan

I wont a BB gun. I won a X-box 360. I wont kande.~Alix


Settlement Canyon Elementary

Chelsea Nash

Dear Santa all I wunt for Chrstmas is kitn. All I wunt for  remote control car.~Kyera

Dear Santa all I want for Christmas is Lego Jobas, tablet SD card.~Neftali

A Barbe with a swimming poll and a house and a kitten and for the kitten a house. The kittens house has a door to it. Amairacen doll that has a cast on its arm and a cast on a lage and it comes in a weel char.~Riley

Dear Santa All I want for Crismace X-box, rmoot kinchroo car, hamstr.~Matthew

Dear Santa All I want for Chrismis is remote control helicoptor. Wzsley T

Remote cotrll truck. And a remote cotrll cor. And a baby ramboye unicorn peloe pet.~Brooklyn

I wont for Christmas Brbe doll Snow and couch bed, a new pet dog, remote control car, ipod, hamster, crane, bow and arrow.~Rachel

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas remote control truk. Dirt bike as my toy.~Cole

A doll and a snoglob and a sowing mashing and a pet hamstr and a tete ber and a elf on the shelf and some crayons and a new coat and a new per of shoes. Ho ho ho. Mere Chismits.~Kyera

I wot a drt bik. I wot a dog. I wot a cat. I wot a sat hat.~Kanden

I want a krosbo. I wont a skotr. And a rope and some cows.~Cooper

All I wot for Crismis is a doale, my mom, my dad, Ms Nash, sof toys.~Malaya

Dear Santa, All I want fer Chsma, cichin.~Allie

Dear Santa All I wat for Christhas is ipeod.~Kaden

Dear Santa all I want for Christmas is a pet hamster, mote contral car, a babie, stuff animal whale, ipod, a maker.~Carter

Motor scooter, dirt bike, ipod, pet turtle, legos, couch/bed, remot control car, star wars gun, bow and arrow, a coloring book, lego hobit battl, the go blinking. Lego lord of the rings battle black, Rino stuff, lion stuff bear stuff.~Parley

Dear Santa, All I want for Chrismas is a motor scooter and a room of chrot.~Brianna

Dear Santa All want for Christmas is a couc bed and a doll and a hamster and I want a bell. From~Cassie

Legos. Treeose. A blue toy. A new scoodr. Frum~John

A amerackin grl doll. I wat a soot kas that I can poot all av her stuff in it. I want dans klose.~Alexis

Amarucin doll and a laptop and a cat.~Emily

Reborn dolls, couch bed, I pod I pad, a new dog, ,candy, reborn doll stuff, candy, more reborn stuff, laptop and dolls. And a LOT! Of stuff. From~Whitney

Dear Santa all I wont for Chrstmis is a remote car, I pod, crane, couch, bed, a gun, hamster. From~Justin.

Doll three tow hase, boy brby and a new dog.~Emily

A rmot canchrol monstr trak or a cool scootr or a pirit set.~Bridger

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