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August 30, 2016
Fiscal analyst played big role in clean audit

One of the “fun” functions of the Tooele County Clerk/Auditor’s Office is the yearly independent audit. This year the audit was completed by Ulrich & Associates, PC.

I’m happy it’s completed and that we received a clean opinion for 2015. This is the first audit since the clerk and auditor offices were combined. An audit was performed on the 2014 books, but that was for the previous auditor’s office.

While I would love to take credit for the clean report, I must give credit to my staff, in particular to Tenille Tingey, accountant and fiscal analyst. As promised in my campaign for clerk/auditor, when my chief deputy Debbie Smart retired, I hired someone to help with the auditing side of the office. I had worked with Tingey and seen her work on the Lake Point Incorporation study, so I knew how professional she was.

After talking to her, I knew she had the experience, skills and integrity we needed for the office. She has made it easier for the county departments to conduct business and is a great source of information for the entities that deal with our office.

The county’s audit committee has recommended that the Tooele County Commission hire a financial reporting manager/budget officer for the county. This person would meet with the commissioners to discuss scenarios and budget trends and would be a great help to the clerk/auditor’s office.

In preparation for the upcoming November General Election, the county is required to prepare a Voter Information Pamphlet that includes questions regarding Stansbury Park Incorporation, Lake Point Incorporation and Change of Government. This pamphlet will include arguments for or against the incorporation. If you are interested in creating an argument in favor or against any of these issues, here are some guidelines to follow:

20A-7-402(2)(f) An eligible voter who submits an argument under this section shall: (i) ensure that the argument does not exceed 500 words in length; (ii) ensure that the argument does not list more than five names as sponsors; (iii) submit the argument to the election officer no later than 60 days before the election day – Sept. 9; and (iv) include with the argument the eligible voter’s name, residential address, postal address, email address and phone number.

After arguments are received, the submitter will have a chance to write a rebuttal to the opposing argument (250 words). If more than one argument is received the election officer shall make the final designation. Please submit arguments to Marilyn K. Gillette at

Final Reminder – Tax Abatements: All tax abatements are due by Sept. 1. If you have not already submitted your abatement, please go to and to the “Combined Tax Relief Application” link to get the form.

If you have any questions, my contact information is or 435-843-3148.

Gillette is the Tooele County Clerk/Auditor

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