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image This fishing spider was found in the mountains above Churchwood Road running through the grass. Fishing spiders are one of the largest living spiders in the U.S.

April 12, 2012
Fishing spiders use unique hunting methods in water

Fishing spiders are one of the largest living spiders in the United States, with legs that can grow the length of 3 inches. This makes them very strong and fast when hunting. Not only do their extremely long legs give them great abilities, but also the hairs all over their body allow them to drift, dive, swim and even walk on the water after their prey. Fishing spiders are one of the only creatures on earth that can walk on water.

Because of the fishing spider’s great hunting skills, it got its name by consuming its primary food source: fish. Their diet also consists of insects, newts, tadpoles and sometimes even frogs. Fishing spiders have many ways to hunt in the water, from swimming under the surface, jumping after their prey from the shore side, or just wading through the water eating bugs that fall on the water’s surface. Amazingly, the fishing spider is able to stay underwater for more than an hour and a half. The fishing spider is not only good at hunting in water. It is also equipped to hunt on land. Interestingly, they are usually found miles away from water.

Addie T. Lindsay is 15 years old. She is a writer and accomplished photographer of wildlife creatures, big and small. Her Sioux Indian name is Hissing Viper, and she can be reached at

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