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April 18, 2013
Fixing viewing problems in Internet Explorer 10

Without much fanfare or notice, Microsoft rolled out Internet Explorer 10, available for those with Windows 7 and Windows 8. Although there aren’t a lot of changes with the new browser, many are finding it difficult to view some web pages correctly. If you are experiencing view problems in a website, here is how to change the compatibility.

Whether in Windows 7 or 8, open your Internet Explorer and go to the website that is having difficulties. Click “Tools” at the top and then click “Compatibility View.” Your web browser may refresh and reload the web page again. If it is a compatibility problem, this typically should fix any viewing issues you have.

You can add websites that are having issues by clicking “Tools” and then clicking “Compatibility View settings.” Type in the web address and click “Add.” Now, each time you visit that website, it will be certain to view it in the compatibility view mode.

If you are unsure of what version of Internet Explorer your computer is running, you can easily check it. Open Internet Explorer and near the top, click “Help,” then click “About Internet Explorer.” A small box will display indicating your version. If you are running Internet Explorer 10, it’s also a good idea to checkmark the box “Install new versions automatically” and click “Close.”

If you don’t have Internet Explorer 10, go to to download it for free. Click the “Downloads” button near the top and then click “Internet Explorer.” Follow the instructions to download and install Internet Explorer 10 and restart your computer once it has finished.

Next week, I’ll show you more about Internet Explorer 10 and its new privacy feature that blocks websites from collecting information about your surfing habits.


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