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September 11, 2012
Former sheriff’s deputy loses badge for drunk driving

A former Tooele County Sheriff’s Office deputy has had his law enforcement credentials suspended for driving drunk.

Kenneth Marshall, a 17-year veteran of the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office, had his police credentials suspended for one year by the Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) Council at their quarterly meeting Monday. Marshall was stopped by a Utah Highway Patrol trooper in Salt Lake County on May 31, 2011, who determined him to be driving under the influence.

Tooele County Sheriff Frank Park said Marshall was not on duty and was in his private vehicle at the time, but the department has zero tolerance for DUI no matter the circumstances.

“We suspended him and once we had verification of his [blood alcohol content] he was let go,” Park said. “I don’t know that we’ve ever lost anyone to DUI, but that’s one of the things they understand going in: that drinking and driving is totally intolerable by our department.”

Park said no other deputy has, to his knowledge, ever been prosecuted for DUI in the department.

A criminal case was filed against Marshall in 3rd District Court on July 22 of that year for DUI, a class B misdemeanor; failure to signal, a class C misdemeanor; and making an improper turn, a class C misdemeanor. According to court records, Marshall pleaded not guilty to those charges on July 28 and a motion to dismiss was granted on Jan. 13 of this year.

Police certification is granted, monitored and on occasion suspended or revoked by POST. Disciplinary actions can range from a warning or letter in the officer’s file to having certification suspended for years or revoked.

Park said he does not recall many times when a member of the department was investigated by POST — a process typically instigated when a member of law enforcement commits a crime or abruptly quits, retires or is fired, if there are troubling circumstances to the termination.

“If there is a reason that the person is fired or quits or retires that POST should look into, there’s a box we can fill in,” Park said. “If there’s a reason we terminate them it’s usually bad enough that POST wants to look into it.”

Marshall was terminated from the department in June 2011.

From the time he was hired on in June 1994 until the terminating incident, Park said, Marshall was a good, dependable employee.

“There were not really many problems with him,” he said.

Lisa Christensen

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One thought on “Former sheriff’s deputy loses badge for drunk driving

  1. Motion to dismiss means ALL charges dropped by the Judge Christine Johnson. . because of 0 evidence of any of the charges . even though, thankfully , everything is video/audio recorded. I’m not sure why this illegal, maniac trooper, Emery Calkins, didn’t get fired like his mentor , UHP trooper Lisa Steed, who mentored him into arresting everyone pulling out of a bar.. Thankfully, this has all come to light, and does not happen anymore.

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