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September 6, 2018
Four more useful tips to better use High Sierra

Finding fresh things to write about as we get closer to the release of MacOS Mojave, becomes very challenging. However, here are four more activities that may help you as you work and play.

Did you know that you can move your menu bar icons around in an order you prefer? All you need to do is hold down your Command key and then click on the icon you want to move. For example, hold the Command key down and then click and hold on the date at the top-right and then you can drag it to the left, if you desire. Move your icons around in the order you prefer.

I’ve written about the split screen feature, but it’s become easier to use. Open Safari and a couple other windows and then go to the green dot in the upper-left corner, click, hold and drag it just a bit and it will divide and size all your windows. I recommend you use this to become familiar with how this works best.

Safari allows you to customize the size of text, block auto start videos and you can use reader mode for each website you visit. Open Safari and go to one of your websites. Next, in the address bar at the top, right-click it and select “Settings for This Website” and a popup box appears to make your selections. You can also set permissions for your camera, microphone and location. Remember, when you customize a website, it is just for that particular website and not for all of them.

And lastly, I must admit that I don’t use emojis in my writing much, but on social media and other forums, emojis are very popular. If you press Control + Command + spacebar on your keyboard, a library of emojis will appear allowing you to choose from a wide variety. Once you make your choice the box will close.

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