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July 9, 2013
Four THS students awarded 100-year scholarship

In celebration of Tooele High School’s 100th year, four students were awarded a total of $3000 — $750 for each student — for their citizenship and service to their school and in the community.

“It was up to the counselors to decide which students were most qualified to receive it,” said Susan Cummings, a member of the Tooele High School White Buffalo Alumni Foundation.

The recipients, Kristine Johnson, Makaylee Bird, Katie Jensen and Mckenzie Alvarez, were asked to write an essay on their involvement in the community. They competed against approximately 15 other students also in the running.

“They had us write an essay about how we have been involved with our school and how we have made an impact, so I wrote about how, through the Transcript-Bulletin and the school papers, I had written about all of the school plays about sporting events,” said Johnson. “It was a lot of fun to write.”

Johnson plans on going to Snow College and finishing up her general education classes. Bird, on the road to Utah State University plans to study education. Jensen, also headed to USU, is also finishing her general education, while Alvarez, also going to USU, plans to study psychology.

“This is a big help in furthering my education,” said Bird.

Each of the girls were aware that they were in the running for the scholarship but that they had excellent competition, according to Jensen.

“I was more surprised to get it than anything,” said Alvarez.

The scholarship recipients were announced at the Tooele High graduation ceremony in between speeches and, according to the recipients, totally out of the blue.

“I was really surprised when I got it and so thankful to receive it. It was a big honor for me,” said Jensen.

The scholarship allowed for the winners to be called up on stage and recognized for their achievements.

“It was really surprising and exciting,” said Johnson. “It was cool to be recognized like that at graduation, especially when we didn’t have any idea beforehand.”

The money for the scholarship was provided by the Tooele High School White Buffalo Alumni Foundation and the Barrick Mercur foundation, both of whom, in the past, have been regular scholarship donators to Tooele High School.

“We thought it would be a good one to donate for along with the other scholarships we do,” said Cummings.

According to her, the meaning of the centennial scholarship was the motive in donating to the cause.

“We felt that it was a good thing. Both of these foundations are based on legacy,” said Cummings. “When you’re an alumnist, that legacy is what it’s all about — going back to the time you were a student. Going back to history. This being 100 years kind of touched home with us.”

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