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April 19, 2022
Free ballot tracking now offered for 2022 voters

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Just in time for 2022 elections, the State of Utah is now offering free ballot tracking for all registered voters. Register to be notified by email, voice, or text when your official election ballot is sent in the mail, received at the Clerk’s office, and then counted. For the time being, BallotTrax is an opt-in program only. That means you won’t receive notifications unless you visit the site and register in advance. So, don’t delay. Sign-ups are now underway at As always, if you have questions about this new service, please contact the Clerk’s office at 435-843-3140.


Is my vote still confidential?

Yes. BallotTrax tracks your ballot envelope, not your vote. Your vote remains confidential through the entire ballot tracking process.

Will my information be sold to third parties?

No, it will not be sold. Voter information is protected data. As such, it will be used only to inform you of your ballot status and nothing more.

Does BallotTrax update my voter registration?

No, it does not. If your voter registration needs to be updated, please visit Your updated information will be pushed to BallotTrax once processing is complete, so everything will be in sync.

How do I manage my preferences?

Simply go online to your BallotTrax voter portal at any time to change your selected notification methods, turn off notifications, modify contact hours or check the status of your ballot.

Do I have to receive notifications?

No, you do not. If you would prefer, BallotTrax also provides your current ballot status through the voter portal. You can simply login to view where your ballot is at in the process – no notifications required!

Can I unsubscribe from notifications?

Yes. We’d be sad to see you go, but you’re able to unsubscribe from BallotTrax notifications. Simply login to the voter portal and unselect the notification methods you’ve opted in for. Click “Update” at the bottom and you will be unsubscribed from future notifications. You can still login to the voter portal and view your ballot status at any time.

Tracy Shaw is the Tooele County Clerk.

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    • A quick Google search shows that in Multnomah County, Orgeon voters can sign up for I haven’t checked all counties.

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