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image Det. Ian Borders, of Tooele City Police, shows a counterfeit bill on Dec. 19, 2013 that was used at a local business. Law enforcement officers are still trying to find the source of the counterfeit money that has circulated through Tooele County.

March 6, 2014
Funny money still circulating in county

Police are still trying to find the makers and distributors of fake money that is trickling through Tooele County.

Since December, $560 in counterfeit bills have been passed in Tooele City alone, with another $25 recently turning up in Grantsville.

Detectives say the funny money — comprised of one $5 bill, five $10 bills, 19 $20 bills, one $50 bill and one $100 bill — has been passed at a collection of businesses, though the lone $100 was given to a private citizen for rent and another of the bills was reported at St. Marguerite Catholic Church.

Although the quality of the duplications varies, Capt. Paul Wimmer of the Tooele City Police Department, said current indications suggest one source. But that source is still a mystery.

“We don’t know who’s making them,” he said. “We’ve made one arrest on a gentleman who was passing them and who refused to talk to us.”

That man is Craig Colovich, 38, of Tooele, arrested Jan. 20 for allegedly passing three $20 bills with knowledge that they were not real.

“We still don’t have a real strong lead on who’s actually making them,” Wimmer said. “This case is proving to be somewhat challenging in tracking down who’s actually making the fake bills.”

Although the counterfeit money has made its way to Grantsville, Lt. Det. Dan Chamberlain with the Grantsville City Police Department said the problem, while not a boon to the city or businesses, still pales in comparison to other financial crimes.

“I know Tooele’s had some and we’ve had some. We think they’re linked,” he said. “But we have more problems with check forgery and theft than counterfeiting. It’s not really as big of a problem as some of the other stuff is.”

Lisa Christensen

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