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March 3, 2005
G-ville firemen offering burn permits

Grantsville residents have the opportunity from March 5 to April 2 to do some cleanup around their property and even burn yard debris on site.

But, there is one catch.

Fire Chief Perry Skaug says it’s absolutely essential that before anything is burned on or near a residence, a burn permit must be issued by the Grantsville Volunteer Fire Department. However, the procedure to obtain such a permit is extremely easy.

“All a resident has to do is call Grantsville City Hall, 884- 3411 and let a staff member know when they want to burn,” the chief said. “A fireman will then respond, check the debris to ensure there are no tires or anything man-made in the items that are to be burned. The fireman will also have to make certain that the burning would not run into overhead power lines or be close enough to any structure to cause a problem.”

If all is in order, Skaug said, the fireman would issue the permit. The resident would have to let officials know when they planned to burn. Tooele County Dispatch would then be notified that a burn was occurring at the residence.

“When the burn is completed, the landowner would have to call dispatch and let them know it was done,” Skaug said.

“We do this so that if anyone calls and reports a fire at that address, dispatch will know that a burn permit has been issued and everything is fine. Once the burn was completed, the resident would need to call dispatch and relate that information.”

Chief Skaug said in lieu of calling city hall, a resident could call any city fireman directly.

For further information call city hall.

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