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image Gas prices are soaring and are not expected to decrease anytime soon. Still, prices would have to reach $3 a gallon to reach the equivalent of the ‘80s inflated prices, factoring in inflation, according to regional economist Jim Robson. photography/Troy Boman

April 26, 2005
Gas prices make penny pinchers’ blood run cold

Horrifying, outrageous and way too high — no I’m not talking about the numbers I saw the last time I stepped on a scale (although those same words could apply) — I’m talking about gas prices.

Lately, I find myself trying to coast down streets that aren’t even slanted. I wait until almost the last drop of gas is gone before I add any to the tank. I guess I’m stuck on the thought that if I wait one more day or drive ten more miles, prices will magically drop.

Unfortunately, it seems just the opposite has happened.

Because I often pinch pennies so hard I can hear Lincoln scream, I decided to check out all the regular unleaded gas prices in the Tooele Valley area to see where I could get the best deal. Rather, I wanted to see how much blood I would have to sell just to fill up my tank. (Of course I know that gas prices aren’t just high in my neck of the woods but thank heavens I don’t drive an SUV, ‘cause my body only holds so much plasma.)

On Monday afternoon I collected prices from gas stations in Grantsville, Tooele, Stansbury Park and Lake Point.

Stansbury Park’s Maverick Country Store came in on the top of this list for the cheapest gas prices at $2.18 a gallon.

(One can actually pay $2.16 with a free handy-dandy Adventure Club Card). The highest gas price in the area ($2.29) was actually found at five different locations — Go-fer Foods in Tooele, the Chevron stations in Tooele and Lake Point, and the Way Station and Handy Corner, both in Grantsville.

The rest of the prices were as follows:

• $2.20 Flying Jay (Lake Point)

• $2.21 Mirastar (Tooele)

• $2.24 Walkers (Tooele), 7-11 (Tooele), TA Travel Center (Lake Point)

• $2.26 Shell (Lake Point)

• $2.27 Hale Oil Co. (Grantsville), Premium Oil (Tooele), Shell (Tooele).

If you buy gas outside of the Tooele Valley, like I sometimes do (Costco is my favorite), one way to check prices is to visit or If you drive out of state or up to Canada is also a good Web site to check out.

Even though I hate to pay so much for gas I’m glad I don’t live in San Francisco. That city had the highest average gas price in the nation for regular unleaded at $2.64 a gallon. The lowest price was $2.04 in Tulsa, Okla., but I don’t think I’ll be moving there. I can’t bear the thought of how much it would take to gas up a U-Haul truck between here and there.

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