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October 25, 2016
Get on board

There are many tasks we don’t like doing. But just as unpleasant as it may be, we need to get used to recycling, to separating our garbage. It takes extra time and effort, but like most tasks that are of value, this one produces a long-term result that benefits not only ourselves but everyone we know. It benefits everyone on the planet — those who are currently living and those who will follow for thousands of years.

Have you ever been to “The Dump” or “The Landfill” as it is now called in politically correct fashion? Dumps get larger and larger, and then there need to be new ones. These places are vast tracts of land devoted to rotting materials, many of which could be re-used. Re-using materials contributes both by reducing the volume of waste and therefore land devoted to waste. It also protects the land and resources we have by requiring less raw material with which to make products.

How can we do this, right now, as citizens of Tooele City?  Sign up for the Tooele City Recycling Program! Time is nearly out to prove to city leaders that we care enough to do this task. Although it does require a small fee, it is a very small fee compared to the costs of decades and centuries of compiling garbage that our great-grandchildren will otherwise have to solve. Let’s all get on board with the proposed program. Sign up and let our officials know we can do it!

Andy Warr


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