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May 1, 2014
Girl Scouts annual cookie sale successful

Girl Scouts from all over Tooele County just finished their annual cookie sale.  The combined effort of all the girls totaled 81,400 boxes of cookies sold!  Ashley Rose from Grantsville is this year’s third-top seller in Utah with a total of 3252 boxes sold by herself! Congratulations to all the girls for their fabulous efforts this past month. The girls could not have accomplished these goals without the support of the community. We appreciate everyone that helped our efforts. The theme for this year’s cookie sale is “What can a girl do? A World of Good!”

Several troops participated in the gift of caring project. Troops collected hundreds of boxes of cookies to donate to our military troops. Other troops are using some of their cookie proceeds to help with projects for the homeless, pet shelters, children’s hospitals, and many more projects. The girls have some fantastic ideas on how girls can do a world of good.

Girl Scout troop leaders recently had the opportunity to read the NY Times best selling book “Etched in Sand” by Regina Calcaterra. This book is a true story of five siblings who survived an unspeakable childhood on Long Island, New York. The story shares how these amazing siblings overcame the obstacles of their childhood, rose above the difficult paths to find hope and believed in their dreams. Regina is an attorney working for the State of New York and formerly served in other state government positions. She is an advocate for foster children and a supporter of older child adoption. Her sister is a Tooele County resident and a Girl Scout leader.

Girl Scouts is sponsoring a community event for ALL girls and women age 5 to105 to meet Regina. She will be the keynote speaker at the event, “Girls with Dreams become Women of Vision” on Saturday, May 17, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Stansbury High School. Registration is $5.00 and includes workshops on safety, self defense, positive thinking, safe adults, a patch, crafts, and much more. This event is an awareness opportunity to find out what you can do to help in the community and also where you can turn for help.  Girl Scouts are giving back to the community by offering this event to ALL girls and women in the community. Please join us for this amazing event.

Registration ends on May 2. Please visit our website:

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