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November 29, 2016
Give and heal

Reaching out to those in need can hasten healing after Election 2016 

This nation just experienced one of the most divisive and unconventional presidential campaigns in recent memory. That campaign, and the election’s outcome, likely sparked many lively debates at family Thanksgiving dinner tables throughout America last Thursday.

Such debates likely happened in Tooele County too. Don’t think so? If you haven’t already, take a good look at last week’s election canvass results for the county, which were published on page A4 in Wednesday’s pre-Thanksgiving edition.

In Tooele County, Republican Donald Trump won with 11,169 votes during Nov. 8’s General Election. However, Independent Evan McMullin (4,769 votes), Democrat Hillary Clinton (4,573 votes), Libertarian Gary Johnson (783 votes) and all other presidential candidates and write-ins (698 votes) garnered a combined 10,823 votes.

Trump won the popular vote in Tooele County, but nearly 11,000 local voters didn’t vote for him, which may have been a contentious talking point around a few area Thanksgiving tables last Thursday.

Wounds from the 2016 presidential campaign and election may still be fresh for many local citizens, but there is a way to more quickly put it all behind us and heal. That “way” is to turn inward to our hearts and outward to our neighbors. In fact, the process began last week with businesses, churches and organizations making sure residents in need didn’t go without on Thanksgiving.

For example, on Thanksgiving Day, Tooele’s Denny’s Restaurant, New Life Christian Church, and others, delivered meals or put on dinners for individuals and families who would have missed America’s national holiday of gratitude.

Such compassion and generosity are now sought for another charitable cause.

Today’s edition marks the official start of the Transcript Bulletin Christmas Benefit Fund. Now in its 39th year, the fund’s purpose is to help a person or family in the community at Christmas with a unique and troubling need. Over the years, many have come to know the benefit fund is a charity that digs deep to make a difference.

The Transcript Bulletin isn’t tooting its horn here. Although we’re in a position to help, it is you, the reader, who makes the benefit fund happen, like last year. Thanks to generous and compassionate readers, more than $16,000 in cash and gifts were donated through the fund to Trina and Curtis Cook and their four young children. Trina was diagnosed with stage four cancer in 2015 and she passed away this past summer. Readers’ donations made the Cook Family’s Christmas truly special and memorable.

The benefit fund stands ready to help again, but before it can, nominations for prospective recipients are being sought. Calls for nominations and donations for the benefit fund actually began a few weeks ago, but so far none have been received. If you know of a person or family with an urgent need, please let us know about it.

Nominations and donations can be mailed to: Transcript Bulletin Christmas Benefit Fund, P.O. Box 390, Tooele, Utah 84074. They can also be dropped off at the newspaper’s front office at 58 N. Main Street next to City Hall.

Nominations can also be emailed to or to the editor at Thank you for your help and generous contributions, too.

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