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May 22, 2018
Go way beyond

I found the article [published May 8] in the Transcript Bulletin related to the proposed property tax increase in Tooele City significantly downplayed the size of the proposed increase. From my calculations, the increase in the property tax related to the city would be approximately 65 percent if the basis mentioned in the article was the taxable value or a whopping 105 percent if the amount is market value. The $25 a month increase hides this fact.

One must ask the question: Did the previous mayor not recognize the needs of the city or what has happened that the new city management cannot live with a budget with a much more reasonable increase, such as 5 to 10 percent?

I agree that the police building needs to be replaced and the officers appropriately compensated, but the increase appears to go way beyond what would be needed to pay for a bond for the building and reasonable salary increase for the police officers.

The period of 36 years since the last tax increase is not relevant since the city, as well as taxable values, have increased dramatically over that period. The relevant issue is what issues were not addressed last year with the then approved budget?

Henry E. Lay



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