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September 12, 2013
Goff Firewood cuts and stacks them deep in Grantsville

After 18 years of operating out of backyards, empty fields and street corners, Goff Firewood has a permanent home in Grantsville.

The father and son team of Gary and Cody Goff opened their new firewood yard at 300 W. Main Street in Grantsville three months ago.

“This is great,” said Gary, “For the first time, we have a permanent home where we can do our work, serve customers, and display our wood.”

Goff firewood sells cut, split, and stacked dry firewood.

The wood is collected from down or standing dead trees found on private and public lands near Strawberry Reservoir, Rock Cliffs, the north slope of the Uintah mountains, and public lands in Nevada.

“I’m an outdoorsy person,” said Gary. “I love hunting and being in the outdoors, so this kind of work fits me.”

The father and son team cuts a lot of the firewood themselves. They take a large truck to the wood cutting site and use a chain saw to buck the wood into manageable rounds. They then bring it to their Grantsville location where pneumatic splitters are used to split the wood into various sizes.

Goff Firewood sells lodge pole pine, Engelmann Spruce, Douglas fir, red cedar, pinion pine, and aspen.

“Each type of wood has its own characteristic smell and burning style,” said Gary. “Pinion pine is popular in the lodges and homes in Park City because they like the way it smells and pinion doesn’t pop when it burns.”

Pinion is also popular for roasting pigs because it imparts a nice flavor to the meat, added Gary.

Goff Firewood sells bundles of wood to local stores as well as serving retail customers at its new location. Customers come from as far away as Evanston, Wyo., Logan, Manti, and Park City.

Goff will customize any order by wood type, size, length, and quantity.

“People can buy one stick, a bundle, or several truck loads,” he said.

The standard measurement for firewood is a cord, which is defined as a tight stack of wood that measures four feet high, four feet wide, and eight feet long — or 128 cubic feet.

A typical truck bed holds a half cord of wood. Goff sells a truckload of wood, except cedar and pinion, for $150. Cedar and pinion are $175 for a half cord. The price includes delivery and stacking. Full cords of wood start at $250.

While firewood sells throughout the summer for recreational purposes in backyard fire pits, sales jump in the fall as people lay in a store of wood for winter heat or in preparation for sitting around fireplaces at winter holidays, according to Gary.

He worked in an office for a waste management company for 14 years until firewood sales lit him on fire.

“I was helping out a friend with an elk hunting ranch in Ogden,” said Gary. “There were these slash piles of wood left on some of the land. We cut up the wood and put it in our truck and took it to town and sold it. It added up to a lot of money and it was fun.”

Gary has been selling firewood ever since with his son Cody at his side. They sell more firewood than the two of them can cut, so they buy firewood from teams of cutters that go into the woods year round in all kinds of weather.

“Hey, we’re outdoors, having fun, doing what we love and making a living,” said Gary. “It can’t get better than that.”

Tim Gillie

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