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April 9, 2019
Good job, Mayor Marshall

Headliner last Tuesday in the Transcript Bulletin regarding “Mayor’s Conduct.” Reeks of local politics. Should have acknowledged Grantsville Mayor Brent Marshall’s personality type. As I have the time, I cannot let this opportunity to come to the aid of a fellow “Type A” personality go by in someone’s attempt to besmirch his character. This is also in evidence as this horror has evidently invaded the columns of some Salt Lake City liberal rag.

I am not related to Mayor Marshall, have never worked for him, and am not among his constituency. We were both at a political caucus once a few years back. Upon introducing myself, it was immediately noted that here was a man with a Type A personality. This type of human is generally an extrovert, is impatient, intolerant and does not suffer fools. They normally get the job done without talking on both sides of the mouth, powdering bottoms, nor speaking in patronizing tones as if conversing with a 3 year old. These types of people are those for whom I enjoy working. You always know where you stand and recognize that in order to become proficient at one’s job, that one sometimes needs to get one’s feelings tweaked a bit. News folks love to take things that Type A’s say out of context and misquote them. They are often quite colorful.

It is understood that we have personality clashes. Throughout my spectacular life, I have sometimes found myself working for someone that I disagreed with to the point that I sucked it up as a man and found another job. This is a natural phenomenon. I did not go to the Transcript Bulletin and whine about it. In a service manual I once read, it related that there are three things one must learn in becoming successful in this life: 1. Find out who the boss is. 2. Find out what he (she) wants. 3. And give it to ‘em (sic). That service manual is The Marine NCO 1972 edition.

In recognizing the kid glove approach that we seem to be developing in these latter days when we all are encouraged to go see a shrink at least once a month, that some want to be spoken to as if they were a 3 year old. When informed of the error of our ways in a more direct and forceful manner, we then seem to want to go and cry to the media. As it seems that we’ve become nothing more than a bunch of wimps and light weights, there’s no reason to wonder that mother China is now leading the world and that we are several trillion dollars in debt to them. Good grief! And good job Mayor Marshall.

Ralph E. Pierce



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