Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

June 30, 2020
Good job!

With the change of the scheduled “protest” to last evening, Friday, June 26th, the overwhelming response on behalf of the veterans and bikers of Tooele have restored my confidence in mankind. Not only were the troublemakers upstaged at the “changed” beginning of this exhibition to Veteran’s Memorial Park instead of the originally planned library, but they were greatly outnumbered in solidarity of the values which we hold dear here in Tooele. With the huge turnout, those folks didn’t even consider vandalizing or defacing our revered Veteran’s Memorial. We also appreciate those who showed in support of the “Back the Blue” parade regarding our proud law enforcement community. Good job! We know what we are about, where our values are, nor are we afraid to make a defining statement.

Ralph E Pierce

Tooele City

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